Glass Accordion Doors in Central Florida

Compared to a glass sliding door, what makes folding glass patio doors superior? First off, glass accordion doors work for any building size—commercial or residential—and unlike gliding doors, they open and save more space.

What Is a Folding Glass Door?

A folding glass door is a door with glass panes that fold into each other and separate indoor and outdoor spaces, much like a sliding glass door without the folds. Both door types bring in plenty of sunlight, but with a folding glass door, you’re able to bring in more.

What’s the Purpose of a Folding Glass Door?

Aside from meeting an aesthetic requirement, accordion sliding glass doors help meld spaces together in Florida homes—the space feels like a connection between the indoors and outdoors. The doors can open from the or middle to allow for better space extension for entertaining or to bring in more fresh air.

Where Can a Folding Glass Door Go?

A folding glass door can be installed in any building. Hotels, real estate agencies, and theaters in Central Florida have folding glass patio doors to bring in more light and connect spaces so there’s more room to move around.

Business owners and homeowners can appreciate the benefits of having a unique door style attached to their structure. Glass accordion doors can make any home or business in Central Florida more modern, raising their value and curb appeal.

An essential benefit to having glass accordion doors in your Central Florida home or business is that they make the setting feel more luxurious. Let Florida Window and Door Solutions show you what glass folding doors can do for your opulent outlook. Contact us by phone at (321) 203-4336, or use our online contact form along with a preferred way to contact you so we can talk more about our folding glass patio door options.

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