Q: Can windows and doors reduce noise in my home?

Yes, with today’s advancements in sound transmission control there are numerous products that can achieve sound reduction.

Q: Do I have to do all my windows at the same time?

No, many clients choose to do the front or the weather side of the house first.

Q: Some companies don’t caulk the inside of the windows, is that a problem?

Yes, even the smallest unsealed space can result in a loss of efficiency and potential leak issues.

Q: Who pulls a permit?

A contractor must pull the permit. A homeowner should never pull a permit unless installing the job themselves.

Q: Do I need a permit to change windows and doors in my home?

Yes, especially with the new changes in building codes and fastening details.

Q: How do I know if my windows and doors are installed correctly?

Windows and doors should be installed by a certified contractor who pulls a permit and furnishes installation details for your home.

Q: What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a national rating system that dictates energy efficiency standards.

Q: How do I know if my product is eligible for the tax credit?

Manufacturers are required to furnish a letter of compliance for the tax credit.

Q: What are impact resistant windows?

They are specially engineered products that are designed to resist flying debris from the force of a hurricane.

Q: What causes condensation on windows?

Condensation is caused When warm humid air is greater either inside or outside.

Q: Is it difficult to place an order for a whole house?

No, not at all. Whether it’s every window in your home or just some of your windows, it is a simple process.

Q: Does changing windows and doors make a huge mess in my home?

An installer should never leave a mess in your home. At Florida Window and Door Solutions we take pride in doing the job right from start to finish.

Q: Are replacement windows standard sized?

No. True replacement windows are built to fit your openings.

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* Our 10 Year Labor Warranty for Windows is an add-on service warranty for $395 per year. It does not include or mingle with the manufacturer's warranty on windows. If a window fails or leaks due to a manufacturer defect and not because of our installation, this will not be covered by our labor warranty. The window manufacturer holds responsibility for the failure. Also note: Each window and door manufacturer's warranty will differ. Please consult with each manufacturer.

# Our Labor Warranty for Doors does not include break-ins, doors kicked in, dogs jumping up on doors, using doors as pull-up exercises, etc. In addition to these, any misuse of the door will negate our labor warranty coverage.

** We cannot guarantee a specific percentage of savings on your energy bills by replacing your windows. Various factors including temperatures inside and outside the home can affect your energy bills as well. If all circumstances are the same (i.e.: same month of the year, set temperature inside, etc.), you can expect a 10-30% savings.