Central Florida Dog Door Installation

Dog Door Installation in Central Florida

PlexiDor® Dog Doors are the perfect way to make life easier for both pets and pet owners. Its easy installation means that your pet can go outside whenever they want, and come back inside without having to bark or scratch at the door to get your attention.

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Choose from three colors for your pet door installation: White, Silver, or Bronze. Silver frames have an anodized finish. White and Bronze frames feature a baked-on powder coating, similar to the durable finish on the appliances in your home.

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Design Features

  • The shatter-resistant saloon-styled panels are manufactured with similar material that is used in aircraft windshields.
  • Each panel is lined with a high-density industrial weather seal for maximum energy efficiency. This helps keep summer air conditioning and winter heating inside your home.
  • Heavy duty aluminum frames will not rust, bend, crack or warp. Corners are reinforced to keep their shapes even after years of heavy use.
  • High-performance springs whose design exceeds industry standards by 10 times.
  • Spring assemblies are protected by ABS caps designed to prevent dust, dirt, sand, and dog hair from interfering with their operation.
  • Each door comes standard with a lock and key and a 20 gauge steel security plate. Attach the plate when leaving your home for extended periods.
PlexiDor® Door Series

PlexiDor® Door Series

PlexiDor Door Series dog doors are designed for installation into any standard exterior household door made of fiberglass, wood or steel. There are four sizes in these glass dog doors; small, medium, large, and extra large to accommodate every dog breed worldwide.

Your family and your dog will enjoy the freedom and peace of mind a PlexiDor Performance Dog Door will provide. Freedom from the worry of damage to your floors and carpets and peace of mind knowing your dog will have a safe and easy access to the outdoors with a new dog door installation.

PlexiDor Wall Dog Doors

PlexiDor® Wall Series

The PlexiDor Wall Series dog door is the perfect solution when installation into an exterior door is not available. The Wall Series can be installed in a location which allows your dog access to the backyard, patio or deck.

Wall Series dog doors can be installed into stud, brick, block or cement exterior walls up to 12 inches thick. Each wall unit includes an aluminum tunnel kit that connects the interior and exterior frames. The tunnel provides for a professional fit and finish — the most attractive dog door for your home.

PlexiDor® Glass Series French Door Insert

PlexiDor® Glass Series | French Door Insert

When a French patio door is an ideal location for a dog door installation, the PlexiDor® Glass Series French Door Insert is the solution.

  • Sizes for door heights of 80” and 96”
  • Available in widths of 32”, 34” or 36”
  • Select LoE or Clear glass

The insert is designed as a replacement for the original French door glass insert. The existing door frame, handles, and hardware remains unchanged when the plexiglass dog doors are installed.

PlexiDor® Glass Series Sliding Glass Door Insert

PlexiDor® Glass Series | Sliding Glass Door Insert

Converting a sliding glass door into a fully functional dog door is easy with the new PlexiDor® Glass Series Sliding Glass Door Insert.

  • For 80” and 96” tall sliding patio doors
  • The existing frame, handles, locks and rollers are unchanged
  • Select LoE or Clear glass

The Sliding Glass Door Insert replaces the original door glass only.

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