Impact windows are vital for homes in areas with frequent heavy storms or hurricanes. High winds can cause debris to hit windows, but thankfully, impact windows can protect your home. However, not all impact windows are the same, and you’ll need to consider these different types.

Single- or Double-Hung Impact Windows

Single- and double-hung impact windows are very similar to each other, using sashes that move vertically. These are the most popular styles of impact windows and come in a variety of designs that protect your home.

Casement Impact Windows

Instead of opening vertically like double- or single-hung windows, casement windows open inwards or outwards. These windows open on a hinge to create a clear line of sight without a brace bar. They are very energy efficient but can cost more than the other styles because of the extra protection.

Fixed Impact Windows

Unlike the other impact windows on this list, fixed impact windows don’t open. They use one glass pane to create a large window you can see out of while resisting impacts and pressure from storms. This is great for designing a room with large windows that stretch the full length of a wall, at the cost of being able to open the window.

Sliding Impact Windows

Sliding impact windows are very similar to single- or double-hung impact windows, except they open horizontally rather than vertically. This is great if you want a wider view from your home because the window covers more space horizontally while still protecting your home from storms.

When it comes to finding the best type of impact window, there’s a lot to consider. In the end, what really matters is what you need for your house. Some states limit what you can get. For example, Florida requires impact windows, which is why you should get Florida storm windows from a local company. That way, you know you’re getting a window that fits your needs and the state requirements.