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Hurricane Windows for Central Florida


Our rigorously tested, high-quality impact resistant windows and doors will protect your home from high velocity flying objects in the event of a hurricane or any other severe storm. Especially if you have a home in coastal Florida, it needs the extra protection that this type of window can provide. Add strength, security and safety to your new construction or your next window replacement project.


Hurricanes and other coastal storms are no match for these hurricane-grade, storm-proof windows! Once installed in your home, storm shutters or panels are not necessary, even in Florida’s most intense hurricane zones. Even if your window gets a direct hit from wind-blown debris, a specially designed laminate layer within the panes keeps shattered glass pieces together, preventing damage and injury. Water, debris and wind are kept out of your home.

Hurricane approaches Florida
Certified Impact Window Glass


The impact resistant window products that we use meet high standards and are approved for use in hurricane zones. These are the best storm-proof windows. They are made of strong and durable materials, reinforced to withstand extreme Florida weather, yet they are still attractive, functional and easy to maintain. The laminated impact resistant glass panes are specially manufactured to stand up to the toughest of weather challenges.

Differences Between Burglar-Proof Glass and Hurricane Impact Glass

Even a sledgehammer can't break the glass. Watch below!

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What is Impact Glass or an Impact Window?

It is a heavy duty window manufactured with unique, multi-layer glass. A clear plastic-like film is bonded between the layers of glass. This hybrid laminated glass is energy efficient and can be tinted, just like a traditional glass window, for added sun protection. It is installed within a durable and reinforced frame that can be used in a variety of designs of windows and doors. They will be able to stand up to the force of a high-velocity projectile impact.

How do Storm-Proof Windows Protect my Home?

Traditional glass windows break and sharp fragments fly everywhere when storm debris hits your home. Water, more flying debris and wind can enter your home causing further damage. Even storm shutters and panels can blow off in high winds, exposing vulnerable glass windows to damage and leaving your precious home defenseless. The laminate layer sandwiched in the glass of an impact window, however, is the key to a higher level of protection. It holds the glass in place if it shatters from the impact of an object, which minimizes further damage from water, debris or wind. These windows also provide a higher level of security after the storm is over, since they remain intact, even if the glass is broken.

The vacuum created from intense air pressure changes during a storm can also cause structural damage, such as blowing off the roof or even portions of your home. It’s a myth that opening your windows during a severe storm or hurricane can prevent this air pressure build-up. Impact glass bends and flexes with wind and air pressure changes. Advanced engineering allows your windows to flex several inches in or out as the air pressure fluctuates during a storm. This prevent parts of your home, including the roof, from being pulled off and blown away.

Why have Impact Windows Installed in your Florida Home?

Florida Building Code requires hurricane windows.

Do you live in a high velocity hurricane zone? The Florida Building Code (FBC) requires that homeowners within one mile of the coast have hurricane resistant windows installed in their home. Wind speeds can reach 150 mph or greater in these areas which necessitates the protection provided by the laminated impact glass used in our windows. Even outside of the mandated area, the FBC recommends hurricane windows be installed in homes where severe weather frequently occurs. Impact windows add value to any home, and may even lower insurance premiums in certain areas.

Burglar-proof your home.

Not only does impact glass provide protection against the strongest of Florida’s storms, the unique properties of this state-of-the-art glass technology provide security and protection from burglars breaking into and entering your home. Hurricane force strength means that a burglar can’t break in through a window with a rock or other heavy object either. Keep your family safe and your home secure by installing these windows throughout your entire house along with our impact doors.


Thieves attempted to break in to this home with a metal gate post but were thwarted by our Burglar-Proof windows!

Why buy Impact Windows from us?

Our high-quality specialized windows are available in a wide range of sizes and can be customized to fit your home’s needs. They are suitable for new construction or replacement. Our windows come with a warranty and are from a trusted and reliable Andersen brand. You won’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for high-impact protection, because we have a variety of window and door designs available for your home.

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