Exterior French Doors

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Brighten & Beautify your Home with
Exterior French Doors

Bring the beautiful Central Florida sunlight into your home without the heat!

Our French Patio Doors provide homeowners with many benefits:

French Doors add style


Add a dramatic statement to your room’s style while also increasing the value of your home by adding new exterior French Doors. The natural light that enters will turn your space into a sophisticated yet calming environment for the whole family’s enjoyment. Your sense of space in the room will also expand while seeming to bring the outside in.

We install exterior French doors in Central Florida in many different textures, styles and colors. Together, we will help you to select the one that is right for your home’s unique style.


During our beautiful Florida winters, expand the living space of your home by opening out to your patio, pool or garden. And during our especially warm summers, enjoy your unobstructed views while keeping the heat, noise and harmful UV light out where it belongs.

Our weatherproof French patio doors are available in a variety of textures, styles, colors, and sizes. Our experts will work with you to select the perfect model that is right for your home’s unique style.

French Doors are functional
French Doors are durable


Our weatherproof French patio doors are available in several different materials. However, the majority of our customers choose fiberglass exterior French doors in Central Florida because of their flexibility and durability. Although fiberglass has a slightly higher initial investment than steel or wood, it can withstand much more wear and tear and has a significantly longer life span. The likelihood of warping, scratching and denting also greatly reduced.


Put less impact on the environment and on your wallet! Proper exterior door installation and insulation will seal up any drafts that are currently causing your heating and cooling energy to escape your home. In addition, our doors themselves are Energy Star rated which is the national rating system for energy efficiency standards. They are made from an insulated material that will also result in lowering your monthly utilities. With our superior weatherproofing methodologies, you will start saving money right away.

Our French Doors are Energy Star rated!

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Why Buy Fiberglass Instead of Wood or Aluminum Doors?

Throughout our decades of experience, we have seen what the Central Florida climate does to less durable materials like wood and steel. Wooden doors may be beautiful but they require routine maintenance and staining or clear coating every few years in order to keep their integrity. They also do not provide much insulation and overtime, may warp and allow air drafts into your home. This would eventually cause your heating and cooling costs to go up.

Our fiberglass doors provide a significant increase in the insulating ability over wooden materials. These exterior French doors are also essentially maintenance free since they are made up of a unique impact-resistant, reinforced skin that does not dent, warp, or rot. They can also be painted in a variety of styles or to match the finish or texture of wooden doors. We will ensure that they meet your specific design requirements.

Unlike many other local door suppliers, we also use a non-wooden barrier system (door jambs, sills, seals and splines) that also helps to protect against the humidity and moisture. Together, this creates a high-quality weatherproof barrier that is airtight and will protect your home from the elements.

How much do Fiberglass French Doors Cost?

Given the space needed for double doors and the fact that you are purchasing two doors, French doors are only slightly more expensive than other exterior options such as sliding patio doors. However, the design and appeal of these uniquely styled doors far exceed that of your standard outside doors or sliding patio doors. The cost is dependent on the type of material, finish and hardware that you select. Let FWDS quote you today!

Fiberglass French Doors
Fiberglass French Doors with Wooden Finish

What makes Florida Window and Door Solutions Different?

We realize that when it comes to hiring a local door installation contractor, you have many options. What we want you to realize is that all of your options are not equal in quality. No matter who you contract to install your French Doors, a permit must be pulled for the job! If you receive a low quote, be sure your contractor is following the law and pulling the necessary permits. Also, be sure they provide you with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers product defect or failure.

Only FWDS provides an unmatched 10 Year Labor Warranty*! This is what sets us apart from the other guys. This warranty covers the operation of the doors and hinges as well as water penetration. If you doors leak, stop swinging or sliding properly for any reason during that time, we will repair it. Also, our unique waterproofing system is designed to last for over 25 years. Your door seals and openings will not warp or allow the elements inside your home. They have been proven to last during major storms including tropical storms and hurricanes.

10 Year Labor Warranty

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