Florida Building Code

When learning about the residential building codes in your area, make sure your home meets every standard. In Florida, building codes change every three years to keep up with strict standards of maintaining hurricane-proof homes.

Building Codes for Impact Windows

Impact windows are an essential part of the home. These windows not only stop intruders from entering the home, but the tempered sheets of glass are also shatter-proof, meaning they keep your home’s interior secured during hurricane season.

Since 2000, Florida has adopted and made into law the state-wide standards for all communities to use so that their structures stay safe from floods, hurricanes, and high winds. Window codes are essential for every Florida resident to know so that they can evaluate their residence better and ensure everything is up to these standards.

The Florida window codes require all windows to be impact resistant. The glass must be strong to withstand any wind from either part of the state. If you live less than a mile from the coast, your panes must withstand wind speeds of 130 mph or more, and if your home is further in-land, your windows must resist up to 140 mph or higher wind speeds.

Does Every Florida Home Need To Meet Building Codes?

Yes! Any person residing in the state of Florida, or who has a vacation home here, needs to ensure their home meets Florida building codes. These structural standards are key to protecting your interior from excessive storm damage.

If your home is in a coastal region of Florida, it’s essential to use hurricane-impact windows. These windows are strong and can protect the interior of your house. Get to know your area better by researching how close you are to the coast. If you are at least a mile from any large bodies of water, make sure to schedule a window replacement. Replacing your windows helps you pass building inspections and protects you and your family from interior damage.

There are various things to remember when learning the Florida building code requirements. At Florida Window and Door Solutions, we proudly provide you with updated information on the Florida Building code. You can learn more by visiting our contact page for insight on requesting a free consultation.