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Outdated sliding glass doors are ugly to look at, but nothing is more annoying than a door that’s squeaky or jammed. A place that isn’t functional or comfortable is not a home—it’s just a house.

Are you tired of spending money fixing an old glass patio door that keeps breaking? We offer the best custom sliding glass doors on the market and an outstanding 10 Year Labor Warranty for complete peace of mind.

Let your next decision be the right one, and enjoy your home as you never did before.

Sliding Patio Doors designed for you!


Make a wish and FWDS will make it happen. Our selection of custom-made sliding doors in Florida is practically limitless. You can choose between multi-panel, bypass, or pocket configurations.

Want to transform your home into a stylish indoor/outdoor space? We can give you beautiful corner doors. Whatever style you desire for your new doors, we have the best solution for you. As part of our Central Florida custom sliding patio doors service, you can choose your favorite color, finish, and accessories. Our team will then design a model that will give your space a personal and tasteful touch.


While you are concerned about the look of your new door, we are just as attentive to the details that you can’t see.

Do you know what makes an excellent sliding glass door? It isn’t the design or the material. As important as those are, what truly makes a door long-lasting is the quality of the hidden components. When you choose our products, those rusted rollers, worn-down tracks, and repair expenses will be memories of the past. All our doors are equipped with the best gears on the market. You can even choose from our selection of custom-made sliding doors to fit your taste and style.

We not only sell great design—we sell quality!

Sliding Doors are secure
Our Sliding Doors are Energy Star rated!


Here at FWDS, we are focused on lowering our impact on the environment. Our Florida sliding doors are energy efficient, providing better insulation from both hot and cold outside temperatures. As we aim to make our planet a greener place, you will keep more green in your wallet.

Our Energy Star rating may help you save from 10% to 30% on your monthly energy bills. Get your calculator and see how much you’ll gain every year to do the things you like.

While saving you money, custom sliding glass doors can also save space inside your house, and they are cheaper than French doors.


Your Florida sliding glass door should be able to withstand hurricanes and tropical depression winds. If you live on the coast of Florida, this should be a primary factor in deciding which sliding doors to install.

We install sliding patio doors in Central Florida that are strong enough to resist severe weather conditions, safely protecting your family and belongings. The sturdy construction and available multi-point lock system work perfectly to keep strong winds (and burglars) at bay.

Sliding Doors designed to last

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Is your home too hot? Do you ever feel like you’re living in a greenhouse? The glass in your patio door is probably to blame.

Different kinds of glass may look the same, but they are not all created equally. Behind every piece of glass is a lot of technology that can enhance the quality of your living space. Our Central Florida sliding patio doors come with a variety of glass options to keep the heat out, enhance thermal and acoustic insulation, ward off harmful UV light, resist impact, hurricanes and storms and more. We also offer patio doors with blinds inset for privacy!

Whatever your need, we have the solution.

Our Sliding Doors come in a variety of glass types and styles
Our Sliding Doors come with a superior waterproofing system


Thanks to our waterproof system, your custom-made sliding doors will completely protect you from the elements—no gaps, no leaks.

Our state-of-the-art system is designed to last 25+ years and has been proven to withstand major storms, including tropical storms and hurricanes. This feature continues to amaze all our clients across Central Florida.

How Much Will An Exterior Patio Door Cost?

It totally depends on you. Our selection of sliding doors is so broad, we are sure to have one that fits your budget without compromising on quality. When setting your budget, ask yourself: How much would it cost you in the long run to buy a low-quality patio door?

A new door is an investment. A high-quality door won’t require periodic maintenance and will cut your energy costs, saving you money every year. The beautiful addition to your space will make your home a better place to live for you and your family, making your initial investment more than worth it.

How Our 10 Year Labor Warranty Will Protect You

Have you wondered why FWDS is willing to offer you an extended 10-year warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty?
We wouldn’t put ourselves on the line if we were not sure about the quality of the products we offer. We know that after many years, our sliding glass patio doors will still operate smoothly and quietly and your home still be protected during severe weather. Should something happen during this period, we will repair it. Our warranty covers water leaks and door functionality.

10 Year Labor Warranty

How To Order Your New Sliding Patio Door

We install sliding doors in the Orlando metro area as well as Orange, Seminole, and parts of Volusia County. We serve customers all over Central Florida and the east coast of Florida, from Daytona Beach to Melbourne Beach. Contact us below for a free quote on your new doors.

Need a custom size? Not a problem. We have a wide range of standard and custom sliding patio doors for every home and every budget. If you’re happy with the price, we will build a customized patio door that perfectly fits your space. We guarantee an easy, quick and clean installation and will even take care of getting the necessary permits.

All you have to worry about is getting your free quote on our Central Florida custom sliding door service —so call us today!

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