Entry Door Replacements

Lower Energy Costs and Add Curb Appeal
with a front entry door replacement

Upgrade your home’s aesthetics and choose from a high-quality selection of custom and decorative doors including:

  • Doors with decorative glass
  • Inset with blinds
  • Decorative wrought iron detail
  • Stained wood grain finish on fiberglass
  • Doors with sidelights (windows on each side)
  • Impact resistant
  • Storm doors
  • Fire rated
  • Custom made doors from mahogany or Douglas fir

Our replacement entry doors provide homeowners with many benefits including:

Entry Doors add a great first impression


One of the easiest ways to add style and curb appeal to your home is to replace your entry door. Doors with decorative glass, wrought iron detail or a wood grain finish can make some of the biggest first impressions. For an even more dramatic look, add a new front door with sidelights (windows on each side) which will also help to brighten your home’s entryway. No matter what your design goals may be, our Central Florida entry door replacement service can help you to select a custom entry door that complements your home’s unique architecture and color palette.


Reduce your carbon footprint while saving money! Our fiberglass entry doors are rated by the national rating system for energy efficiency standards, Energy Star. They are made with an environmentally friendly, insulated material that when compared to steel or wood materials, reduces the air loss significantly. In addition to the superior construction materials, our weatherproofing methodologies will help to keep your cool air inside and the heat outside! You will likely notice a lower cost in your monthly utilities.

Our Entry Doors are Energy Star rated
Entry Doors with added security


Fiberglass entry doors that are made from high-quality materials are often sturdier and stronger than other options. Our doors are designed with many internal layers and a reinforced skin that will help to thwart any potential intruder. This structure also allows for a more secure locking system.

In addition to the door itself, the level of security also depends on the framework. If your door frame or jamb is made from wood, it will eventually rot or deteriorate which make your home’s entry much more vulnerable. Upgrading your door and properly reinforcing your door frames, can mean upgrading your home’s security.


Even if your current door is made from fiberglass, not all fiberglass doors are equal in quality. FWDS uses a unique impact-resistant, fiberglass reinforced skin that does not dent, warp, split or rot like other door materials. Also, instead of wooden door frames, we use a high-quality (non-wooden) barrier system that protects against moisture and humidity. Together, these create a superior custom entry door for Central Florida homes that will stand against even the harshest coastal weather conditions.

Durable Entry Doors

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Is Your Current Front Door Ugly, Flimsy or Rotting?

Have you ever touched your front door on a summer morning and found it to be wet, sticky or dewy? Over time, these constant weather conditions can cause damage or cause a breakdown of the materials, especially in the door frames and jambs. Many home builders and door installation companies use wooden door frames so within just a few years of being built or installed, you may begin to see rot.

Our replacement entry doors will not rot in the Florida humidity!

Unlike wooden doors that need to be maintained and stained regularly, our fiberglass doors are truly maintenance free. Their impact-resistant, reinforced skin will not warp, dent or rot, even in our harsh Central Florida climate. Florida Window & Door Solutions also installs entry door replacements in Central Florida that have a unique barrier system (door jambs, sills, seals and splines) to ensure the highest protection against the area’s harsh elements.

Why shouldn’t you buy from a Big Box Store?

First and foremost, to replace your front door, you must pull a permit. Not doing so could result in violating building and fastening codes. However, you may find that your neighborhood box store has some nice-looking and reasonably priced doors. The honest truth is, because of their inferior weatherproofing techniques, you will probably need a front door replacement in about 5 years. In addition, your current front door probably came from one of these stores already.

How are we different from the other Local Guys?

In addition to our manufacturer’s warranty, FWDS doors come with a 10 Year Labor Warranty! This sets us apart from the other local companies. Our labor warranty covers water penetration and the operation of the doors and hinges. What this means is that your doors will not leak and they will swing or slide correctly for at least 10 years. Beyond that, we believe that our superior waterproofing methodologies will likely last 25+ years! They will not shrink or get moldy and our system has been proven to withstand hurricanes, storms and torrential tropical depression storms. We also design custom entry doors for Central Florida homes to ensure that we satisfy every client’s taste and specifications.

10 Year Labor Warranty

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