Central Florida Financing for Windows

You’ve picked the window, and now it’s time to consider financing. You need to know about window replacements before securing any funding. If you’re unsure of the best choice for your replacement windows, reach out to us by filling out our contact sheet, and we can work with you one on one.

  Financing for windows starts you off at a simple zero-percent APR rate once you start your financial plan. Learn more below on replacement window financing.

Window Financing Options

Many of our customers want to know the best payment solutions for their window replacements. For one, there are loans available to you, including servicing through Hearth, a financial institute offering flexible funding options for every customer.


 Hearth’s a leading financial organization offering rates that fit everyone’s needs. When partnering with them, a professional from Hearth connects you to well over 13 lenders who provide everything from loans to credit cards.

After being introduced to the options, you go through a simple pre-qualification stage that’s less than two minutes long. Finally, the best financial aid options are given, and a separate email with a summarized options list is sent to you.

Hearth’s an excellent choice when financing for impact windows. They deliver timely reports of the best servicing options for your pane replacement. Compared to other services, there’s always someone to speak with online or over the phone for all your questions and needs about replacement window financing. You most likely have additional questions about financing for windows, so here are the most typically asked questions we’re happy to answer.

Is It Possible To Pay a Loan Back Without Penalties?

It is possible! Every one of the 13 lenders offers a trial period where you don’t need a pre-payment plan. By the end of your loan’s term, there are no recurring charges, so everything can be paid back without additional fees.

How Do Lenders Determine APR?

Typically, the APR’s determined by many things, such as your credit report. For example, lenders review certain items, like credit history and your income. The APR should never be a deterrent, so if you can’t do the APR rate, there are other options to consider, such as another loan type or a credit card.

Financing for windows shouldn’t scare you away—it should always be a motivator to find the best option that works for you. While teaming with Hearth, Florida Window and Door Solutions has successfully determined the best impact windows financing for every customer. Our partnership helps find the best replacement window financing for your home. To start the next step to swapping out old windows for new ones, click on the link below to find the best lender for you.

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