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Shopping for Window Replacements in Orlando and Central Florida Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

Investing in high-performance window replacements in Orlando and Central Florida is a crucial step for establishing the long-term security of your home. Unfortunately, searching for a reputable Central Florida window replacement service with a wide selection of top-quality products can be a tall order. We set ourselves ahead of the pack by taking steps to simplify the confusing process. While we perform Central Florida window replacement services, we first guide our customers through learning the different benefits they can receive—including both long- and short-term advantages. We also care deeply about quality, so we’ll show you our huge portfolio of different models. In our catalog, you’ll find various model examples that’ll ensure you get what you want and that meet your functional and aesthetic requirements. ​

In this stage, we’ll work with you to create a custom window prior to installation. If you want to know about custom window installation for your home, read below for a detailed rundown of our models. Our window models have brief descriptions as well as benefits of going through a window installation in Florida today.

Windows 101 – Operation and Design Explained:

Our Standard Product Line

Single Hung Windows in Orlando


With a single-hung window, the bottom sash slides upward, allowing for a more economical version of the popular double-hung products. All single-hung products offer a standard tilt-in bottom sash for easier cleaning from inside the home.

Double Hung Windows in Orlando


Both sashes slide vertically in this design. This allows for various venting options. All double-hung products offer the standard feature of both sashes tilting in for easy cleaning from inside your home.

Sliding Windows in Orlando
Arched Windows in Orlando

Sliding (Horizontal Rollers)

In a sliding design one or both sashes slide horizontally, requiring very little effort and dexterity. This makes them ideal for larger openings. Having few moving parts, means they have lower maintenance needs.


While most windows are square or rectangle, an arched design has a beautiful curved symmetrical shape. They are typically used to accent your home or office. One or two can be all it takes to add a distinct look.

Casement and Awning Windows in Orlando
Custom Window Sizes

Casement and Awning

A casement is a window that is attached to its frame by hinges at one side, allowing it to swing out. Windows hinged at the top are awning style. Both offer great ventilation and energy efficiency with an easy to operate design.

Custom Shapes & Sizes

We offer a variety of custom windows in Orlando, Florida, as well as Melbourne, Cocoa, and Daytona, to match your taste, design, and layout of your home or office.

Certified Impact Windows in Orlando

Impact (Certified)

A heavy duty window manufactured with unique multilayer glass. High-quality impact resistant glass will protect your home from high velocity flying objects in the event of a hurricane or severe storm—eliminating the need for shutters or storm panels.

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Request A Free Estimate Today!

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3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows

1. Energy Loss

It’s estimated that 10% to 25% of the cost to heat and cool your home is lost through inefficient and old windows. The typical window in Florida has a tough job. It has to allow natural light to pass through, but keep the heat from the sun out; it has to keep the cool air inside while preventing condensation from forming on the glass as well as to prevent warm air from leaking out in the winter. Replacing them drastically reduces energy loss and saves money by counteracting these natural processes.

2. Aesthetics and Functionality

Replacing your home’s windows and doors will greatly enhance its beauty and appeal. Old frames and glass can become faded, weak, moldy, less efficient, and less functional as the years go by. This is caused by direct exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, rain, humidity and severe weather. Don’t let your home stay outdated for too long. Elevate your house’s best features by getting a custom window installation—the window installation services you pick can renew the home in many ways. So, if you have a home in Orlando, Melbourne, Cocoa, or Daytona, Florida, a window installation will solve all these issues with aesthetics and functionality.

3. Hurricane Protection

Windows are the most vulnerable part of your home when debris are tossed around by high-velocity winds. Having one more layer of protection can minimize the stress on you and your home in the event of a hurricane. Our impact windows are heavy duty and manufactured with unique, multi-layer glass and a clear plastic-like film is bonded between the layers; enabling them to stand up to the force of a high-velocity projectile impact.

4 Benefits You’ll See Immediately by Installing Replacement Windows

1. Return On Investment

Home window replacement in Central Florida could give you a return on investment of up to 77%! This makes it one of the easiest and most profitable remodeling projects that you can undertake. Even if you sold your home shortly after installation, you would get the majority of your money back. If upgrading isn’t at the top of your home improvement projects, it probably should be—whether you’re thinking of selling or not!

Window replacement services can do a lot to help you meet your own expectations and also enhance the home for prospective homebuyers. By going through a custom window installation, you not only receive more in ROIs, but homebuyers can also enjoy the benefits of having modern windows that cut their energy costs! 

2. Energy Savings

An immediate benefit after installation is a lower energy bill—up to 25% lower. Instead of allowing the sun’s heat in and your cool air out, energy efficient custom windows in Orlando and Central Florida will keep your home insulated and comfortable by using less energy. Your old frames and glass are likely leaking in both directions and are the direct cause of an unnecessarily high energy bill. A more energy efficient home is a green home.

3. Noise Reduction

An often overlooked benefit is a quieter home. Your windows are the path of least resistance when it comes to outside noise. You’ll notice an immediate reduction in vehicle, lawn equipment, and other general noise coming from the outside. This means better sleep and a more comfortable home environment.

A window installation on a home in Florida calls for the best benefit besides energy savings: noise reduction. New windows call for a better environment where you don’t need to be stirred awake by unwanted outside noise. Take the time today to discuss window installation services in your area and how much more peaceful it’ll be after installing new panes.

4. Curb Appeal

New windows give your home a fresh revitalized look. Not to mention the feeling you’ll enjoy as you look at your home from the inside and outside.  In the future, if you decide to sell your home, this is one of the first things prospective buyers will notice as they drive up. In real estate this is known as curb appeal—when first impressions really matter.

Our Unmatched 10 Year Labor Warranty

Not only do our windows come with a manufacturer’s warranty but Florida Window & Doors Solutions also provides a 10 Year Labor Warranty! Nobody else in Central Florida does this so that sets us apart! This warranty covers the operation of the windows and hinges as well as water penetration. Your windows will not leak and they will slide or swing properly for at least 10 years. In addition to that, we believe that our superior waterproofing methodologies will likely last for over 25 years.

10 Year Labor Warranty

If you live in the Orlando or Central Florida, improving your home with replacement windows should be an easy decision. Our workers at Florida Window and Door Solutions are here to help you with all you need to know about window replacement services. Our favorite way to show you that custom window work will give you all these benefits and more is by scheduling your first consultation with us to go over window installation services.

You’re not only investing in your home’s future—you’ll experience the benefits now. Let’s start talking about investing in a better home for the future with window replacement services. Contact us with any questions or a quote at (321) 203-4336, or send us a message through our contact page here.

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