Sliding doors are a great addition to many homes because they bring the home together while increasing accessibility. However, poor installation of your doors can lead to many problems and repairs, which can get quite costly. You should learn these signs to identify if your sliding glass door isn’t properly installed.

Off-Center Door

The first sign that something is wrong is if your door doesn’t align with the frame and floor. Your glass door should hook onto the rails perfectly. If it’s uneven, then something went wrong in installation and needs fixing.

Scraping Sounds

When you open and close a sliding door, there will naturally be some sound as it glides on the rails. However, if you hear odd scraping sounds, then something is rubbing together that shouldn’t be. This can cause a lot of damage to your doors and cost a lot of money to replace. This is especially true if you have custom sliding glass doors, which many homes need in order to make the doors fit.

Difficult To Use

Sliding doors should easily glide along the rails; just a simple push or pull should be all you need to open and close them. If you’re having difficulty operating your doors, it’s likely because of incorrect installation, and components are rubbing or resisting because of it. In most cases, you’ll need to get the doors redone to fix these issues.

Scratches on the Frame or Door

If you start seeing marks on your doors that look like scratches or score marks, it’s because the doors are catching on something. These straight lines form because something is rubbing, so seeing these lines should be a sign that your sliding glass doors were poorly installed.

While it can be frustrating to identify a bad door, it’s well worth the effort in the end; otherwise, you’ll likely pay more to fix it in the future. That’s why inspecting your sliding doors should be a regular occurrence to identify any issues early.