Without a secure door, you run into problems, such as intruders and the door breaking from high winds. Keep your home updated with the latest security technologies, such as these features you want in a secure entry door.

Metal Frame

The safest frame is no longer wood, as it breaks too quickly. The only material you need is metal. A metal doorframe has studs connecting the walls with screws or bolts. The two help keep the door attached to the hinges, and there is very little chance of it ripping off.

Although a metal frame is great to have, it does take longer to install. Having extra help works out well, especially if there’s a certain way the deadbolt needs to be on the door. Hire a professional to assist in the installation process.

Security Hinge

A security hinge is essential, especially if you live in a city. Security hinges come in many different styles, so it’s important to work with a professional to select the right type before choosing your front entry door replacement.

You must install it on the inside of your frame so that it is accessible from the outside. There are exterior mounted hinges, but they are easily picked and broken off; try to avoid this choice.


Deadbolts are an essential element of every doorframe. Some doors have pre-cut holes in them that make installing your deadbolt better. Before installing, ensure that the bolt you purchase is at least an inch. If the bolt is longer and the hole is shorter, you’ll need to dig deeper for a good fit.

Solid Core

A solid core is a board that helps the door retain its strength. Depending on the door you want, each has a core that may not or may not suit your home. For example, if you live in a dense city, a foam core is too weak and damages faster than solid cores.

Cylinder Guards

The doorknob’s lock isn’t enough to keep thieves out, nor is a security code system. A cylinder guard is what you need to help you sleep peacefully at night. A cylinder guard is a cover that prevents the door from being forced open.

Keeping the home safe is important, and enhancing the home with replaced entryways can create a secure environment. These five enhancements to have on an entryway door will guide you in designing the next secure entrance for your home.

You have a new door replacement and one that’s safer than the old one. It’s time to substitute the old one for the other with Florida Window and Door Solutions. We provide excellent services in assuring that your protected door is replaced. For more information on our replacement door services, contact us here.