Many glass doors require regular maintenance. Before replacing your doors, you need to decide if you can handle the upkeep. If you recently decided to replace your doors with a sliding patio door, here are five maintenance tips you need for sliding doors.

Clean the Glass

The biggest part of upkeep is cleaning the glass. Glass can experience stains, streaks, and sticky residue from humidity buildup.

Take a moment to clean the large pieces with a glass cleaner. By cleaning often, you can decrease the time it takes for debris to build up, especially in the frames and track.

Wipe the Frame Down

No matter the frame type, you need to wipe this down to retain its lifespan. On the inside, lightly dust the edges and around the top of your frame. While outside, repeat the dusting and wipe it down with soap and water.

Avoid using products with chemicals that alter the material. These are the window cleaning chemicals you need to steer clear of:

  • Ammonia
  • Glycol ether
  • Phthalates

If your door case is wooden, varnish it often, especially if there’s wood on the outside.

Clean the Tracks

If you’ve noticed that the tracks on your friend’s patio door collect dirt within a week of usage, then that’s a sure sign they need to clean their tracks. When you receive your custom sliding doors, vacuum the way to remove any dirt or other debris.

Use soap and water to clear out the grooves. You can work tougher spots with a butter knife or toothbrush by picking hard-to-reach places.


Lubrication is next. To keep your door from sticking, take the door off the frame and thoroughly clean the track. You can use either a petroleum or silicone-based lube. Use silicone to attract less dirt and spend less time cleaning the track.

If you have aluminum tracks, don’t use any lubrication gels, as it causes the slider to rust. Instead, sand your groove for improvement in gliding.

Check the Doors Panel Alignment

Sometimes, doors slip off the slider because people push or pull hard on the handle. Check your door once every few months to readjust and fix any problems with alignment or rickety movements.

Replace Weatherstripping

The elements aren’t wanted, so avoid them by replacing the weatherstripping. Weatherstripping helps lock in the heat and keep out the cold. If your weatherstripping is old, it’s time to change it. Replace the stripping every two to three years.

When learning the maintenance tips for sliding doors, it’s essential to ask yourself if you can handle the upkeep of a sliding door.

If you have your door ready, we can help replace your old frame with a new one. Florida Window and Door Solutions offer outstanding services when substituting an old door with a customized one that fits your needs.