Hurricane season is a serious time when you live along the coast. You’ll need to ensure your home and family are ready for anything so you can stay safe. To help you avoid problems during hurricane season, here are a few mistakes to avoid as you prepare.

Ignoring Tree Care

Trees pose significant dangers to your house and can cause a lot of damage. A falling tree can destroy your home and hurt your family, your neighbors, or passersby, so tree care is important. A healthy tree can withstand intense storms, but pruning it can lessen the effects of the hurricane and reduce the chances of falling boughs.

Leaving Possessions Outside

You should always take the time to clean around your home before sheltering in place or evacuating. As long as it’s safe, remove any possessions around the house—such as furniture or kids’ toys—as they can become dangerous projectiles in a tropical storm.

Not Investing in Home Protection

Home protection is vital if you live in an area prone to hurricanes and may be a legal requirement. Hurricane doors in Florida are great for home protection, as they can withstand the high winds and impacts from flying debris.

Forgetting To Stock Up on Supplies

A hurricane can leave you stuck in your home for a long time, and you’ll need food and clean water to weather the storm. Store food and water safely in your home before hurricane season. Additionally, prepare emergency supplies—first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, radio, etc.—if the storm forces you to stay indoors.

Ignoring Evacuation

If a hurricane is coming your way, the local government may issue an evacuation notice. This is your safest option and can save your life. Don’t ignore the evacuation order or put it off until the last minute; staying in a hurricane zone is one of the biggest mistakes when preparing for hurricane season.

It’s important that you are aware of these mistakes so you can avoid them during hurricane season. It becomes easier to manage and get through every year, as you’ll have the necessary things in place to protect your family and your home.