Window replacements come with more questions than anything else. You’re likely to dismiss the critical inquiries that assist your decision-making process. While it may be okay to skip a few steps, think of how you’d answer the following five questions before replacing your windows.

Is It Necessary To Replace All Windows at Once?

You may wonder if you should replace the windows all at once instead of one at a time. Although it seems obvious to buy one pane at a time, it’s better and necessary to do it simultaneously. Replacing all windows at once will avoid mismatched panes and save money.

Why Should I Customize My Glass?

When employing replacement services for windows, you might assume the replacement will be the same window you have already, but this service opens the door to customization possibilities. Feel free to customize your glass with enhancements to boost the home’s security.

After inquiring about potential glass creation options, Central Florida residents can receive a quote from a reputable company that offers window replacement in Florida. That price is a breakdown of your add-ons, the size of the pane, and how many you’re installing.

Are Low-E Glass Screens Better?

As a Florida resident, carefully evaluating your creation choices is vital. Some options may not suit your home based on climate and price range. You may want a particular glass type, such as low-E or hurricane screens. Both types have significant benefits, but choose what’s best for your home if you can only afford one option.

If you live along the coast of Central Florida, you’ll find it’s best to buy hurricane glass because it does the same things as Low-E screens:

  • Keeps heat and humidity out
  • Allows for more natural light to pour in
  • Every window style looks appealing with hurricane glass

It’s best to consult your window replacement servicer on the best glass type to buy for your home. With the right pane type, your home will stay protected longer.

As a Florida Resident, When Should I Replace My Panes?

Some might find it best to change their windows at any time of the year. Truthfully, the best period is between late September and early November. With November and September being the ideal months, it’s a good idea to upgrade once every 15 to 40 years since that’s the average lifespan of windows in Florida.

Should I Prepare My Home for a Screen Replacement?

Yes! Among the questions to ask before replacing your windows, this one’s vital. You should prepare your home before the contractor arrives. If not, you risk delaying the process. Start by removing furniture or moving them away from the windows. Next, place a tarp down to catch falling debris. Finally, mark where electrical outlets are.

You’ll find it beneficial to know that Florida Window & Door Solutions is here to answer all inquiries about window replacement services. We want to help in every way possible; reach out to us for a quote and questions about our process and future screen replacements.