Your front door is the main entryway into your house and one of the only things stopping bad weather and undesirable things from entering your home. That’s why you want a strong door that’s capable of offering you the protection you need. To help you keep your strong door, here are some tips for maintaining your front entry door.

Dust Weekly

Leaving dust on your door can lead to extra wear that you can easily prevent. Simply go over your door with a duster about once a week to eliminate any gathered dust. This will help you protect your door so it can protect you.

Clean With Soap

Sometimes, things will dirty your door far more than a simple dusting can handle. However, it’s still important to remove these marks regularly so they don’t stain or damage your door. Try cleaning your door with some water and mild soap to return it to its best condition.

Polish the Wood

At times, you won’t need a full refinishing, as there’ll be only a few light marks or dings on your door. This is a great opportunity to polish your wood door to restore it to the proper condition.

Refinish When Necessary

If your door has damage you can’t clean off, this damage will spread and worsen with time unless you fix it. If you ever discover nicks, chips, or deep scratches, you should refinish your door to repair and restore it. However, if the damage is too extreme, you may be better off hiring someone to install a front entry door replacement.

Perform Hardware Maintenance

While the wooden part of a door is very important, you can’t forget the hardware like the hinges and door handle. These parts need good cleaning and polishing to help combat wear over the years. Clean this hardware to lengthen the lifespan of your door as much as possible.

Good door care improves the security of your home and can prevent issues with weather and other messes. All these tips can help you maintain your front entry door for years to come.