Windows are an incredible sight to look at and admire. However, there are many customers often misled by some of the misconceptions about window replacements. They can be challenging to decipher, but we are here to help break down those most common myths when it comes to replacing your windows.

Myth 1: Every Window Is the Same

We can agree that mechanisms and the style of glass are similar, but the options in windows are vastly different. Energy-Star rated windows work better at insulating a home compared to others. If you replace your old panes with these, you can save well over five hundred dollars a year. Vinyl windows are also different since they only need to be wiped down occasionally. The traditional wood windows will need to be maintained and given good upkeep. This consists of paint and sealing to help keep the lifespan of the wood going.

Each home is different, and every house has distinct style frames. If you want to change your window style, you need to know that each style window will vary on the local climate and your budget. Windows may be affordable in some ways, but it is a good idea to get in touch with a professional who is willing to give you an estimate on the best replacement for you.

Myth 2: You Should Only Use Wood Style Windows

This may be true if you are looking for a log cabin style home, or even something rustic or farmhouse style. This is also true in the sense that wood was considered the best material you could use for your windows at one point in time. However, a modern verve is better to use than wood, which will need replacing since it attracts moisture buildup and grows mold when damp.

The new material to use is vinyl made from uPVC, which is a window made from unplasticized PVC. It is a better selection than wood and is less than a hassle to deal with. For the best myth-busting window replacement in Orlando, you will want to see what Florida Window and Door Solutions has to offer to help calm your fears about your next window replacement service.

Myth 3: The Rating of a Company Means Nothing

The next myth to bust on misconceptions about window replacements is about window solutions service ratings. If you rely on a company that ranks low, it is better to steer clear and avoid them and go with one that is reputable and will follow through—meaning that they will provide the best service possible, and that the company is trustworthy.

Myth 4: Windows Are High Maintenance

When replacing any glass, it would surprise you how low-cost window replacement really is. Yes, every wood frame will grow heavy with dampness, and steel can get scratched easily, but they are not a luxury item when it comes to replacing. As your Florida home ages, you will need to keep making repairs to ensure that the home stays in good condition and that there are not any imminent problems down the road.

Myth 5: Financially, DIY Windows Are a Bust

It does not financially make sense to change a window on your own or create a personal one from scratch. Realistically, it can become a safety hazard and may not turn out as good as you would hope. Without the proper knowledge and with no way of knowing if you placed the window on the right way, your home might appear to look strange both on the exterior and interior of your home. Financially, you will find yourself in debt if you are not careful.

Don’t get us wrong—there is a good reason why DIY projects are the way they are. Yes, they are fun, but they should only be for smaller, minimal home projects that do not require you to spend a lot nor take apart your home for any reason. Homemade windows should only hang on walls for decoration, not be used as another way to replace your real windows that are attached to your home.

Myth 6: Winter Is Not a Good Time To Replace

It is a good idea to replace your windows in the winter or even earlier in the year if you like to keep your home warm during the cold months. There is a chance the elements might be an issue, but there are solutions to your questions of how to prevent snow from entering.

It makes sense if you don’t want to replace your panes in the winter, but believe it or not, every professional knows how to supplant a window or two during every season. You can even receive good deals during the wintertime if you look around.

Myth 7: Anyone Can Install Windows

There is such a thing as a professional, and that is who you should be relying on when it comes to work that is guaranteed to give you a warranty in case something after the repair does not work out. Even though your friend’s a contractor on the side, it does not mean they will have the same experience as someone who is a certified professional.

Suppose you want to avoid losing any money on damages and prevent improper installation. In that case, you need to pivot your focus onto pros who are more than willing to knock down those walls that are preventing you from contacting a licensed professional. A specialist can give you a well-done job and will not cause any damage to your walls or the other parts of your home.

Myth 8: If You Pick One Window Style, You Have To Stick With It

Window styles change all the time, and you do not have to stick with one approach. Even if you own a historical home, you can do as you please with the glass designs. You can even change the windows in phases. No matter which one it is, each room can have the style you desire, and even at different price points.

More myths are being debunked every day, and these might happen to be the most common with every customer who comes to Florida Window and Door Solutions. Do not be fooled by another myth again. The services provided will help you in determining the best window solutions for you and your family.

8 Misconceptions About Window Replacements