Hurricane impact windows are the strongest panes to have on your home. They do more than improve curb appeal—they provide better protection from break-ins and bad weather. Many homeowners should have these windows, but many are curious about how they’re produced or manufactured. As you learn about the benefits of hurricane windows, let’s take a step back and read about how they are made.

The Frames

For a manufacturer to build a substantial window, they need a solid frame to house the glass. Vinyl and aluminum are the best materials to use when constructing the body. Vinyl and aluminum don’t splinter, crack, or rust, making them better to use in storms.

The Glass

The glass is built differently than others, mainly because its interior is treated with heat; this makes the film stronger. The stronger film has its tear strength increased by five. In other words, a larger tear strength means that the outer layers survive impact and do not shatter.

One could compare this manufacturing process with how car windshields are made—the tempered glass on both cars and homes are made the same way.

Why Impact Windows Are Important

Hurricane windows—often referred to as impact windows—are an important part of any Florida home. Any homeowner in central Florida needs a shatter-proof window to protect the inside, especially during hurricane season. That’s the main reason why impact windows are essential.

The windows resist breakage from heavy wind and can withstand the impact of flying debris. The importance of these windows stems from the materials they’re made from.

What’s The Secret Behind Shatter-Proof Panes?

Ethylene-vinyl acetate and polyvinyl butyral are the secret powers that help these panes withstand so much. They help create a thick, durable shield. The material has a chunky inner layer, so every item that hits the window bounces off rather than shatter or crack the point of contact. However, thicker screens tend to be more expensive to buy.

The Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

There are many reasons to have storm windows for your home. Many families benefit greatly from installing hurricane impact windows in Orlando. Some of the additional benefits you and your family will enjoy are better energy efficiency and enhanced security.

Many Florida homeowners need more than a simple improvement to their curb appeal. Families need protection, and having hurricane impact windows is the beginning of a better home and enhanced safety. As you consider your window choices, remember this guide on how hurricane impact windows are made.

It’s important to ready the home in case of bad weather. At Florida Window and Door Solutions, we offer door and window replacement services to enhance your home’s safety. Contact us for a quote on your next window and door replacement.