Florida is an amazing place to live, with great views and access to some amazing beaches year-round. However, there are many things to worry about when you live in Florida. One law you need to worry about in Florida is the necessity of impact windows and doors. Here’s a deeper look at these home features when it comes to Florida weather.

The Purpose of Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Having impact-resistant windows and doors isn’t something many people need to worry about, but it can be very important, depending on the situation. Impact resistance is all about an object surviving a hit or a strike from another object without breaking. This isn’t common for these features in most places around the country, but you’ll see it all over the place in Florida.

Why Windows and Doors Should Be Impact-Resistant

There are many reasons why these openings might need impact resistance, but these are the ones most closely tied to why people get them and why Florida weather requires them.

Your Safety

The biggest reason why Florida requires these protective features is for the safety of residents in the buildings. Windows and doors are the weakest parts of the home and will collapse and break first if something strikes them. These impact-resistant options will help keep your openings standing even if objects knock against them.

Preventing Property Damage

Another reason why Florida utilizes these home features is to limit property damage. Refurnishing a home or renovating a place every time something breaks the windows can be quite costly. This is why Florida requires these protective measures—to save money in the long run and protect the buildings in the state.

Why This Matters in Florida

While there are many reasons why you may want impact windows or doors around the country, there are very few places that make it a legal requirement like Florida. So why does this matter to Florida, and why is it a requirement to use impact-resistant windows and doors?

Heavy Storms and Hurricane Season

The simple answer is that Florida is in a precarious place as it sits on the ocean and is in a tropical climate. They often get heavy tropical storms and even hurricanes, which can be very dangerous for residents. The high winds and storms can completely destroy a window or door with shrapnel or just heavy winds. The only way to combat these heavy storms is with a good set of hurricane impact doors in Florida before these storms hit.

Laws Around Impact Windows and Doors

While there are regulations around the need for impact-resistant openings in Florida, it’s not that complex. As long as you know about the law before moving into a house in Florida or building your own home, you’ll be able to follow the laws without much issue. Here’s what you need to know about the regulations.

Near the Coast

The first thing you should know is that the state law only applies to people who have a building or structure within one mile of the coast. Any structure within that distance must have windows that are impact-resistant against wind speeds upwards of 110 MPH. Some areas prone to hurricanes may need openings resistant to winds of 120 MPH or more. The level of impact resistance required does depend on local regulations.

Inland in Florida

When you get more inland than that one mile from the coast, the laws change, and the specific regulations of your nearby authorities matter more. This means you may or may not need impact entryways, depending on local laws. However, it’s better to be safe and get them just in case a bad storm does come in and hit your area.

The Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors

While impact windows and doors are mostly for bad storms, they still offer many other benefits for your building. Even if you’re not in the areas that need these impact-resistant openings, you can still get a lot of benefits from using them. Here’s a deeper look at the benefits of these features.

Cost Effective Outside Storms

While these doors and windows are great for people who live in stormy areas as they keep repair costs down and prevent damage, these entryways and windows are still cost-effective. Installation insulates these windows to prevent flooding, which helps keep in heat and energy so you can save money over time. You also don’t need to worry about leaks nearly as much.

Protection From Home Invasion

Many home invasions start with a criminal breaking in through a door or window; however, an impact-resistant door or window will help keep out these trespassers when they try to break in. It’ll also protect your home from any accidental breaks, like a baseball or another object hitting your windows.

Property Value Increase

As it is with most home improvements, these features are a selling point when it comes to increasing property value. Replacing your windows and doors with these impact-resistant ones will increase how much you can ask for when selling your home, helping you make back the money you spent on the renovations.

Noise Reduction

As thick and insulating entry points to the home, these doors and windows will help block out sound from the outside. This way, your home will be quieter, and you don’t need to worry about construction projects or other sounds bothering you nearly as much.

UV Ray Protection

One of the last benefits that comes specifically with windows is UV-blocking glass. This means you can sit behind your windows without worrying about UV radiation while still enjoying the sunlight. Normally, windows don’t have UV-resistant glass, but you can get this protection easily with some good impact-resistant windows.

This is everything you need to know about impact doors and windows and the related legal requirements in Florida. These features provide immense benefits even if you aren’t in these areas, and you can make huge improvements to your building by installing them.

Are Impact Windows and Doors Required in Florida