Your front entryway door has not been in the best shape in a while, and it is not providing the security you need to feel safe. The easiest way to fix this problem is by researching the best materials to use for a secure entry door; this will ensure you don’t have to worry about potential break-ins in the future.


Steel is a strong material that can help with many things, especially keeping intruders out. The greatest perk to having a steel door is that it helps keep humidity out, and you won’t have to worry about cracks or warping with this material.

Steel doors have many customization options and don’t require much maintenance. If you want a door with class and plenty of creative freedom, a steel door is the one you want to protect your home.


A fiberglass door offers many opportunities for those who enjoy elegance. Those who prefer a rustic style but like mixing in contemporary themes will also enjoy this material type.

A fiberglass door is excellent for protecting your home’s interior from stormy weather and intruders. Additionally, this material is low maintenance and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money.


Wood is great if you want something timeless and clean. However, this material does require maintenance and can absorb moisture that will cause it to warp and chip if you’re not careful.

Even though it does well at protecting you from the elements, it’s not the strongest at preventing break-ins, as a wooden door can easily be accessed and damaged.

Nevertheless, with the correct maintenance checks, you can help keep this type of door strong by applying a finisher and filling cracks with caulk or other door fixing kits.


Aluminum is another great material, and much like steel, it helps insulate the house. Although the materials are excellent, aluminum is more common among sellers that produce custom-made entries.

If you find yourself purchasing a new door for your Florida home, reach out to services that specialize in custom door replacements in Orlando so that you don’t have to struggle with replacing your doors on your own.

When picking a new door, you want something that lasts. Use our list of the best materials to pick for a secure entry door as a reference when shopping or customizing your Florida home’s entryway.

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