Conventionally, when you pick out window frame styles for your home, you automatically go for designs that are white. After all, white does go with everything and won’t clash with your interior décor in any way. However, seeing the same window frame colors all the time can feel a bit stale for some. If you want to switch things up, therefore, you may want to make black window frames a part of your home instead. Black window frames are the next big trend, even for hurricane windows, and we’ll show you why they’re so great here.

Black Window Frames Have Standout Style

Black window frames are the polar opposites of white frames in terms of appearance. Their darkness makes them stand out conspicuously from their surroundings rather than blending into the background as white frames do. At the same time, they’re still just as versatile as their more common counterparts. Since most homes have white, beige, or other light-colored walls, black window frames form a nice contrast with them. They also stylistically call back to the black steel window frames of the early 1900s, giving them a sense of nostalgia. Whether you view black window frames from your interior or outside your home, they’re bound to leave an impression.

You Can Eschew Window Treatments

Because black window frames are meant to be striking features in your home, you can eschew window treatments with them so that they’re never covered up. This can reduce the visual clutter on the walls in rooms where black window frames are present while maximizing the natural light that streams in on bright days. Without the need for window treatments, you can also save the money and effort that you would need to expend in selecting and installing drapes or blinds.

Black Window Frames Emphasize Outdoor Views

The fact that black window frames attract attention also means that they naturally emphasize your home’s outdoor views. As they draw in the eye, you’ll find that you notice what’s outside your windows as well. With the windows highlighted, you may find that your home feels more spacious and that your outdoor landscaping feels more unified with your indoor decorations. Overall, this can give your home a cheery and warm atmosphere that merges elements made by people and the organic aspects of your property wonderfully. In essence, the windows can serve in a similar capacity to wall art.

Should you want to incorporate the next big trend of black window frames into your home, you should contact Florida Window & Door Solutions. We offer window replacement in Orlando and can install black frames for you.