As you gather your home improvement plans together, you may try to decide what changes to make to your door. Whether it’s a side door, front door, or back door, the material you choose for it will leave a lasting impression on others. To help sort through the chaos of designing your home again with new improvements, we share some of the custom door selections for your Florida home that you can choose.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are traditional and can make any home feel timeless and up to date. The wood you choose can make your home stand out in many ways. Some examples include mahogany and cherry.

But how do you select the suitable material for your home? Here are the four best wood types to use on your future personalized entryway.

  • Alder
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Black walnut

The Pros and Cons of Wood Doors

The main pro of having a wooden entryway is that it gives a timeless elegance to a home while adding modern touches and making it feel rustic.

To help achieve that rustic feel, you can go with cedar or knotty pine. If you want something firmly traditional, you should choose oak or mahogany. Both are excellent choices.

The cons of wood doors are their maintenance needs and weight. Wood can warp if exposed to sunlight or moisture for a long time without proper care. As for the weight, a wooden door can sag if you don’t address the problem right away.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are popular to use when adding exterior doors to a patio. The best feature of glass entryways is that you can get impact-resistant glass when customizing them. This way, they can protect you from strong winds, rain, and even flying objects.

Despite hurricane glass being such a vast pro, the biggest obstacle when dealing with glass is that it can offer less privacy.

You want to ensure you have a lock on the door and that the glass you pick is unbreakable when looking at various options. If you decide to buy custom sliding doors, check that the ones you choose fit your home well and won’t cause future issues.

Stylized Doors

Depending on what you use for the material of stylized doors, you want something you can get the most use out of, especially for securing your home. The best part of these doors is the endless options for designs and materials.

However, one mistake many homeowners make is overlooking the features they should add to their replacement door.

When designing your door, take advantage of the customized security and weather prevention options available to you.

As you make your way down the list of the best custom door selections for your Florida home, contact a replacement door company to help install the newly designed door in your home.

After installation, you can sit and enjoy the perks of having a replaced door tailored to your lifestyle.

Florida Window and Door Solutions helps many families install their personalized doors and windows in their customized Florida homes. Contact us for the best replacement door service in Florida and more information on our services.