Every window style is unique to the homeowner. However, you want the most value out of your windows—especially when preventing damage to your home during hurricane season. So, now that you’re taking the search more seriously, you most likely narrowed it down to types: hurricane-impact windows and shutters. Overall, it’s essential to understand the differences between hurricane windows and roller shutters before buying any.

Impact Windows

Hurricane-impact windows go by many names, but all get installed on homes or commercial buildings. Given the name, these windows are designed to prevent damage to the interior from flying objects during storms.

When To Use Them

The right time to use these panes is all the time. When you reside in a warmer climate along a coastline, you likely encounter storms more often than most—especially between June and November, when hurricane season reigns.

Although hurricane windows give remarkable resilience to evade debris from getting into the home, the cracks it receives from items flying in the wind can cost a lot to repair. It can also be very time-consuming to fix all the windows.


The good thing about hurricane-impact windows is that they actually blend into homes quite nicely. Also, they are excellent to use for daily needs, such as protection from the weather. The one thing you don’t want for your home is something odd sticking out too far; it’s distracting.

The other great things are that the windows are large enough to allow natural light to pour into a room, and they don’t need removing before or after a storm.


These panes cost a little more when needing repairs or installed onto the home than shutters. As stated above, the time it takes to repair or replace your window can be lengthy.

Roller Shutters

Shutter windows are a prime choice for saving money. Along with coastal towns, you may notice some styles pop up to encapsulate a particular elegance, like the colonial shutter or Bahama.

Here are other shutter styles to consider:

  • Roll-down
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Clamshell

When used, these shutters are meant to protect the glass window. They are great to use when you need to block the sun out, but they can only protect your windows from hurricanes up to category five.


For starters, you look at affordability—this window type has you covered. They come easier to install and help achieve a particular characteristic, especially with many different styles.


There are, of course, some downsides. The shutters can only protect you in hurricanes up to category five. You need to be mindful of which style you pick, as it can clash badly. Additionally, you may need to add storage to your window.

After learning about the differences between hurricane and shutter windows, you’re ready to learn more about impact-resistant windows in Orlando.

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