Choosing to redo the windows in your home is an exciting decision filled with possibilities. Choosing a window style that you love and that will last is crucial during this process. Here are some of the different types of window styles that are incredibly popular.


Single-hung windows are singular panes where the bottom sash slides up. With this design, only the bottom panel slides, while the top remains in place. The bottom panel should tilt in for easier cleaning, although the top will not tilt. This option is a popular choice for people who are fans of the double-hung window but who want to stick to a stricter budget.


Double-hung windows are very similar to single-hung windows. The main difference is that both panes of glass are movable, giving you the option to open the window from the bottom up or from the top down. This also allows both panels to tilt for easier cleaning. These are very popular options in homes that need multiple ventilation options from windows.


These windows allow for low-impact opening by simply sliding horizontally to open. One or both glass panels can slide. These are great choices for large window openings and for easier maintenance.


Arched windows are perfect for adding an accent or interesting focal point to a room. These are flat on the bottom, and they have a curved top closure. Arch windows traditionally open from the top and swing downward.

Casement and Awning

Casement and awning windows have glass panels attached to their frames by hinges on a single side. You open and close them by cranking a lever that props open or closes the glass. They’re easy to operate, and they have great ventilation. The distinction between casement and awning windows is that casement windows stand vertically and open from right to left or left to right, while awning windows stand horizontally and open from bottom to top or top to bottom. There are a ton of different types of windows styles to pick from.


Even if none of these window types sound perfect for your home, you can still have the perfect windows created just for you. Our products are completely customizable, and we can work with you to find the ideal window for your space. If you’re looking for custom windows in Orlando, contact Florida Window & Door Solutions today, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect window solutions for your home.