Sliding glass doors are nice to have because they let in natural light, give you a wide outdoor view, and provide easy access to your yard. You may, however, doubt their security and worry about intruders getting into your home that way. While impact-resistant glass will reduce the possibility of an intruder shattering the doors, criminals may find craftier ways to enter. Here, we share some relatively easy ways to make your sliding glass doors more secure.

Use a Security Bar

The rationale behind a security bar is easy to understand. The bar lies in the track of your sliding doors so that if an intruder is able to unhinge the lock, they won’t be able to move the door to open it. Commonly, these bars use sturdy metal to maximize their durability. Besides being easy to use, security bars are also quite affordable. There are removable options that you can put in and take out of the track as necessary, or you can buy a more permanent version that screws into place on one side. These will rotate on a hinge so that you won’t need to pick them up and set them somewhere nearby every time you want to open the doors.

Add a Strong Lock

You can further reinforce your sliding doors by adding a strong lock to them. Specialized sliding glass door locks are available that you set on the top corner where the two sliding glass panels attach. They will provide a second point to prevent the door from moving and make it much more secure. Many sliding glass door locks will also have two modes: one to keep your doors fully closed and another that allows you to keep your doors slightly open. This option can be convenient when you want to maintain your home’s security while letting air circulate.

Install a Security System

Installing a security system is also an easy way to make your sliding glass doors more secure. It will monitor the state of your sliding glass doors and notify you if a trespasser disturbs them. Sliding door security systems will utilize sensors to accomplish their purpose. These sensors can connect to your smartphone to immediately alert you about a problem with your sliding glass doors. In addition to performing this primary function, the visible presence of a security system can also deter criminals from even attempting to break into your home in the first place.

If having strong defenses against home invaders is a priority, you should look for sliding doors in Florida that use impact-resistant glass. Get in touch with us at Florida Window and Door Solutions to obtain the strongest sliding glass doors around.