Hold on, your home’s missing something. It could be an additional kitchen or a living room. If you’ve considered adding some features to your Florida home, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s settle down into our cozy couch and look over the features every Florida home must have.

An Outdoor (Enclosed) Living Room

When living in Florida, you want to show off every square inch of your home. If you were to add any entertainment space, it would be an outdoor living room. Having an outdoor living space is essential for entertainment and can allow you to escape when you want to relax after a long day of work.

To help make this area better, center the sofa to make the room feel welcoming and provide a nice view of the pool. Also, add a mini kitchen for quick and easy access to snacks. Trust us—an outdoor living space will be your favorite area to relax. Furthermore, your outdoor living space wouldn’t be complete without replacing your current doors with hurricane impact doors.

Architectural Stair Railings

Nothing says modern like a new set of stair railings to help give your home a minor makeover. Architectural handrails come in many styles and can help rejuvenate a room and make it feel new again. Additionally, architectural metal stair railings help add warmth to your landing if you have wooden hand railings.

Two-Toned Cabinets

A fun trend to add to your home are two-toned cabinets. These cabinets add depth to a kitchen and make it feel a little more modern than before. For the cabinets, choose a primary color, then a contrasting color for the kitchen island.

The tones need to be even; otherwise, they’ll clash, and you won’t be happy with your choices. So, instead of choosing two opposites, consider selecting the dark color first. Then pick a secondary color from the color wheel that is at least three shades lighter.

Curved Arch Ways

One of the most needed features every Florida home must have is dramatic curves in the archway. However, you need to ensure that the curves work with your current layout to execute the arched look correctly. For example, you might use curved archways to separate rooms, or you might add a curved sink to a bathroom.

Your Florida home deserves the best, especially when replacing doors and windows. Florida Window and Doors Solutions can help you decide where to place alternative doors to your home to help it stand out in every way possible.

Florida Window and Doors Solutions can help make your space feel like new again with replacement doors and windows. Contact us for more information and a quote for your next-door or window replacement.