Entry doors are very important for a home, as they are the centerpieces of the fronts of houses and the main access points to them. Picking a good entry door will help improve your home in numerous ways, including building value and safety. Here, we’ll consider which is better between fiberglass and wood entry doors.

Energy Efficiency

The doors of your home have a huge impact on the energy efficiency of your building, as heat and cold can leak through the entryways. Choosing the more energy efficient door can help save money over the years, as you use less energy. In most cases, fiberglass doors are more energy efficient than wood doors.


While wood doors can take a real beating, especially when you use harder wood, fiberglass doors are more durable. Fiberglass doors can resist more wear and tear over the years than their wooden counterparts. This makes them last longer and adds to your home’s security.


Exterior doors need lots more care because the sun and weather can wear them down over time. You want a door that takes less maintenance to stay in top shape to spare yourself future effort. Fiberglass is far more resistant to these effects, which is why it needs less maintenance.


When you consider looks, a lot is up to the interpretation of the person looking at the door. However, wooden doors have been a popular choice for decades, and that makes them far more traditional. Most people would likely agree that wooden doors look good, while fiberglass isn’t as popular.

Understanding these differences between fiberglass and wood entry doors will make choosing your entry door replacement far easier. While there’s no singular choice that’s right for everyone, each one has its own benefits. Your choice depends on what you need for your home and which door will fulfill that role.