Every so often, people like to make changes to their homes in order to make them feel new and exciting again. You may be feeling the urge to do this because your house is old or because you’ve been looking at the same arrangements day-in and day-out for a while now. At the same time, though, you might not want to carry out extensive overhauls because of the time, effort, and cost that they’ll inevitably call for. Luckily, there are plenty of routes to take when you want to make an impact on your house’s appearance with relative ease. We’re providing you with a list of fresh ideas to update your home without major renovations that’ll show you what’s possible.

Paint Cabinets and Walls

Giving cabinets or walls a fresh coat of paint is a classic way to alter their styles without too much trouble on your part. This is because paint isn’t too expensive and is straightforward to apply. You don’t need to call in a professional to paint unless you want to, and since you aren’t actually replacing anything, the job won’t take weeks and weeks to finish. Meanwhile, the fact that paint covers such wide surfaces means that it can dramatically influence the overall atmosphere in a room. Just picture painting some battered yellowish-white kitchen cabinets in a modernizing dark gray or a medium blue. You’ll find that your whole kitchen will seem new. Similarly, dark and light wall colors can make the difference between a room that feels small and intimate and one that feels spacious and breezy.

Change Cabinet Handles

They may not take up much space, but cabinet handles can also leave an impression on you when you look at your kitchen or bathroom. Discolored and worn-down handles will immediately send out signals that your cabinets have seen better days, even if you give them a new paint job. The same goes for handles that don’t fit in aesthetically with the rest of your décor. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to exchange old and out-of-place handles with new ones. There are innumerable handles to choose from on the market, so consider your home’s style as you search for one. If your home is sleek and modern, for example, you should go for similarly smooth and clean handle designs.

Utilize Removable Wallpaper

If you’re searching for a more detailed, less permanent alternative to wall paint, look no further than removable wallpaper. This type of product gives you the appearance of luxurious designer wallpaper that will let you incorporate beautiful patterns into a room. You can find colorful and achromatic varieties that have imagery ranging from plants to geometric shapes. So, no matter how you want your home to look, you can find something that fits your home’s scheme. When you want to update again at some future point, you’ll be able to peel off removable wallpaper without any special tools. Often, removable wallpaper is also reusable as well, so with proper care in the removal process, you can return to a particular style again if you find yourself missing it.

Install New Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can affect a room by highlighting certain aspects of it. Lights can also act as ornaments themselves that contribute to your home’s appearance. Hence, a fresh idea to update your home without major renovations is to add new lights or change existing ones. You could get tabletop and floor lamps that have noticeably different shapes, colors, and materials from your old ones. Then, you could place them in spots where they’ll visually enhance your rooms during the day while also providing functional illumination when it’s dark. Your ceiling light fixtures are also upgradable. Maybe you have a boring rounded flush mount light. You could get something much more interesting, such as an industrial, rustic wooden, or delicately woven pendant light. Rows of connected pendant lights, chandeliers, and minimalistic light fixtures are also potential things to consider. Just like wallpaper, there are limitless products out there when it comes to lighting for just about every preference you could have.

Switch Out Window Treatments

Windows naturally draw in attention because they physically break up the plain surfaces of your home’s walls, let in the sun, and provide an outdoor view. The window treatments that you place on them can thus make for good targets to improve when you want to revitalize your home without massive renovations. Instead of settling for basic blinds, you could install some high-quality bamboo panel shades, graceful roller shades, or flowing drapes. You might choose window treatments to meld nicely in with their surroundings color-wise but provide some layered dimension through their textures. Alternatively, you could use window treatments as accent pieces that have bright hues or cool patterns. This one alteration can make your vertical space look quite different when you don’t want to deal with painting or applying wallpaper.

Improve and Maintain Your Landscaping

Besides your interior, you can also turn your attention to the impression that your home conveys outside as well. Taking the time to improve and maintain your landscaping won’t necessitate structural revamping, but it will influence its appearance a great deal. This could entail doing work such as pruning your trees and shrubs, picking up debris, and replenishing mulch in your garden beds. In addition to these upkeep measures, you can plant new flowers so that your yard is more vibrant and varied.

Get a Front Entry Door Replacement

Your house’s front door is effectively the centerpiece of its entryway and is responsible for creating a strong first impression on people as they walk up from the driveway. If you had to settle on one simple update to make to that part of your home, getting a front entry door replacement would thus be a smart way to go. Going through with this change can impart your home with a renewed energy. Whether you prefer traditional solid paneled designs or decorative glass and metal details, make sure that your new door is both highly durable and that it forms a tight seal against the outside when closed. These two qualities ensure that your home will be safe against intrusion and bad weather.

To bolster your home’s appeal without excessive renovations, call Florida Window & Door Solutions. We can provide you with energy-efficient, secure, and attractive entry doors.

Fresh Ideas To Update Your Home Without Major Renovations