When you’re looking for a replacement entry door you may find all the options overwhelming. Doors are completely customizable and can be made entirely unique to your preferences. The entry door is not only part of the inside of your home and something you’ll look at every day, but it’s also a large factor in your home’s curb appeal. Before you purchase a replacement, check out this guide to choosing the right entry door.

Explore materials

Exploring the different material options that may fit in your replacement front door frame is an essential first step. This helps you to learn each material type’s advantages and disadvantages. There are a few options for door material types. An entry door is more than just an aesthetic piece for your home, although its look is important, too. It can mean an increase in security for your home from intruders and inclement weather. Living in Florida means there’s no shortage of storms, so make sure your replacement entry door can shield your home from harsh winds and rain.

Decide on functionality

Once you’ve discovered your material option, it’s time to think about the most important functions you want in an entry door—besides allowing those with a key to enter, of course. Here are features many homeowners find important when searching for the perfect replacement entry door.

  • Style: Many homeowners think style is essential to choosing an entry door. As the first impression a home makes on visitors and passersby, an entry door should be stylish and reflect the exterior and interior design of a home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is another top priority for many homeowners. Energy-efficient doors help people reduce their carbon footprint while lowering their utility bills—they can keep the air conditioning in and the Florida heat out.
  • Security: Security is important for homeowners to consider. An entry door made of sturdy materials with reinforced skin will help keep potential intruders at bay. This provides your family with peace of mind.
  • Durability: Living in Florida, we know durability is the top priority for our homes. Storms can threaten a home if the entry door is weak. Investing in a door that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions is the most important factor for any Florida resident.

Make a decision

Once you’ve read the guide to choosing an entry door and weighed all the factors and decided what matters most to you, it’s time to make a decision. If you want to replace your entry door, there’s no better option than contacting our Florida window and door company. At Florida Window and Door Solutions, we take all your needs into account and work to find the perfect fit for your entry door.