Hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand high winds during a category five hurricane. They help stop flying debris, hail, and ice. You can beat one of these windows in, and it won’t crack. But exactly how strong are hurricane impact windows? Read on to learn more.

Hurricane Impact Windows Are Shatterproof

Most standard windows will break easily in hurricane season—if you are in Florida, you know this all too well. In contrast, hurricane impact windows are made of strong, shatterproof glass, an important element of hurricane impact windows in Orlando. These types of impact windows are made with laminated glass. The design is crucial to the window’s durability. Hurricane impact windows come with an aluminum frame, along with a particular type of resin that sticks the glass together. The strength of the glass is invisible, but it renders indestructible.

The Frame Is Strong

The frame of a hurricane impact window helps keep its glass in place. Not only that, but it can withstand the head-on debris that comes flying past your house. These windows are highly unlikely to break, but they can bend. They also have a coating of weather stripping, which helps to contain water and prevent your house from flooding. This stripping seals cracks and blocks any areas from leaking.

Against What Types of Damage Do Hurricane Windows Protect?

You will worry a lot during a hurricane, but you may also wonder how strong hurricane impact windows are against other threats. In addition to protecting you during a hurricane, hurricane impact windows prevent hail from cracking your glass, ice from chipping your panes, and even mold from growing in areas with trapped excess water. Hurricane impact windows are also perfect for protecting you from thieves and will save you money on your energy bill.

If you are in the Orlando area, Florida Window and Door Solutions will prepare your windows to protect you during hurricane season, protect your windows against the elements, and keep unwanted trespassers from entering your home. Let’s prepare for hurricane season together by installing hurricane impact windows in your home.