In appearance, home windows can often look quite similar. However, there are many specifications that different types of windows may be built with in order to best suit their environment. As a result, you should choose your windows carefully so that you don’t run into unnecessary problems. This is how the weather can affect your windows if they aren’t suitable for your climate.

Heat Transfer

There are times when you want your home’s interior sealed off from the outside, either to keep it cool inside on those hot summer days or to keep it warm during the cooler months. When windows are not made with heat transfer in mind, they become pathways for heat to enter or escape. Moreover, they can experience damage from harsh winds, rain, and debris. These factors create small openings around the windows, further compounding the issue. Your HVAC must then work harder to maintain your set temperature.

Hardware Damage

Changes in temperature and humidity can damage a window’s hardware by directly deteriorating it or distorting its shape. This could then hurt the functioning of the latches and the mechanisms that allow you to adjust how far you open the window. You might need to constantly clean the window and apply grease to it just to keep it working as intended.

Warping Frame

Window frames can also be susceptible to warping when they come into contact with high temperatures and moisture. Certain materials are more prone to warping than others, particularly untreated wood. When the frame is deformed, even slightly, this compromises the window’s ability to close off the inside of the home from the outside, since gaps may form. This deformity can also make it difficult to open and close the window, since the glass and frame are not fitted together well.

With all these ways the weather can affect your windows, you may want to invest in windows that can remain unharmed even in the severe storms that Florida frequently experiences. Call Florida Window & Door Solutions for custom windows in Orlando. After all, our windows are designed with the weather in mind.