Melbourne beachside residents are just some of the Floridians that experience hurricane damage every year. You should evacuate your home if the government suggests it. However, leaving things behind will bring about tons of anxiety, such as worries about property damage. Property damage is less likely to happen, though, if you have hurricane windows and doors installed. This guide on how to care for and maintain hurricane windows and doors will help give you peace of mind the next time a storm hits.

Check for Tears in the Coating

Hurricane windows and doors have a specific coating over them to prevent damage. Check out this coating after a storm to ensure it’s still intact. If the coating rips, call professionals right away to get it fixed. Damaged coating will let water and harmful UV rays into your home.

Clean to Remove Debris

Hurricane windows and doors also won’t work effectively if they’re covered in debris. For this reason, you should meticulously clean the equipment to ensure no dirt gets in the way of its functionality. Now, don’t just use any old cleaning solution you have lying around. Instead, get a specialized cleaner that won’t damage the film on the windows or doors.

This guide on how to care for and maintain hurricane windows and doors will help protect your house from the next storm that hits. If you don’t take care of these things, or if you have nothing installed at the moment, contact Florida Window and Door Solutions today. We have top-of-the-line hurricane impact windows in Orlando that’ll add an extra layer of security to your house should you need to evacuate. We want to give you the peace of mind you deserve in a stressful situation so that you can focus on other things going on—including your safety.