Since windows are the parts of your home that you look through, they don’t tend to have extravagant designs. Still, you want your windows to complement the rest of your house’s architecture while also performing their functions well. Many homeowners also look for windows that form a tight seal when closed, as this increases a home’s energy-efficiency. Find out how to choose the right windows for your home by keeping these three factors in mind.

Pick a Strong Frame

The frame is the support for your window, so it needs to be strong. Material is what primarily determines its characteristics, so you should know about the options you have. Vinyl is by far the most common because it is affordable and stops heat transfer between the outside and inside of your house. Wood is another choice that some people favor for its natural appearance. However, it needs more maintenance and does not do well when it comes into contact with water. There are combination wood-clad vinyl and composite frames out there to give you the look you want while lessening wood’s drawbacks. Aluminum and steel are also potential frame materials that are hard-wearing, but they may be more expensive.

Go for Sturdy Glass

Of course, sturdy glass should accompany a strong frame to create a solid window. Look for glass that is impact-resistant so that your home is secure against strong storms and burglars. Many windows also come with two or more glass sheets between which there is a special gas—usually krypton or argon. This clear gas reduces heat transfer and makes the windows energy-efficient. Alternatively, you can choose low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, which has a thin, transparent layer of material that also diminishes heat transfer. If you want to save money on your HVAC bills throughout the year, you should install multi-pane or Low-E windows.

Think of Style

Observe your home’s architectural style to figure out the ideal shape and design of your windows. Certain windows will fit more seamlessly into your home than others. For instance, double-hung windows and casement windows that swing open like doors work well with a traditional home. Conversely, sliding windows or large windows with no muntins may benefit a contemporary home. Firmly grasping this point for how to choose the right windows for your home will help you to make your home reach its highest visual potential.

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