Upgrading your windows can be a great way to improve your home, and it comes with many potential benefits. However, you need to prepare properly before the installers arrive so that they have the space they need to work. Additionally, proper preparation can keep the workers and your family safe during the installation process. Here’s what you need to do to ready your home for the installers.

Cleaning the Area

Before the installers get to the house, you’ll want to clean up the area around the window to prevent any issues. The installers are going to need room to work, and you don’t want any items nearby as the installation process could damage them.

Remove Items Around the Window

Start by removing any small items on or around the window and placing them far away from the window. Then, you’ll want to move the bigger items. Clear anything that may fall around the window and the nearby area.

Clean the Window

You should take the time to clean the window before the installers come and remove it. Windows can get very dirty, and the installers may want to have a clean window to see what they’re doing during construction. Check the sealant as well so that you know the state of your window before they move it. You likely don’t need to fix these issues, but it’s good to know so that everyone can prepare.

Preparing for Wind

When the installers remove the window and start putting in a new one, you’ll need to deal with potential wind. Since there’s nothing blocking the hole when you remove the window, wind may blow into your house. This means the wind may knock down items. Try to put anything fragile in a spot where it won’t break and secure everything you can to keep your possessions safe.

Protect Your Furniture

Furniture is a big part of any home decor, and you don’t want to damage it when making a change to your home. That’s why you should move any furniture in the area to a different room. Installers are good at their job, but navigating around furniture can cause major issues and possibly lead to damage to the new window and your current furniture.

Clear the Outside

A lot of people focus on clearing the space inside their homes, but they forget that the space outside is just as important. While you can’t always control what’s outside your windows, you can do your best to clear the path and remove obstacles. Think about trimming your trees and any other plant life that blocks the area. Remove anything you can without injuring the building or plants to make things easier for the installers.

Preparing for Installers

After going through all these steps, there are still some things you must do to prepare your home and space for the installers. These are the steps you should take before the installers get to the house.

Call an Installer

The first step in getting your place ready for a new set of windows is to call and find a good door and window replacement company. You’ll want to shop around and look at past reviews of customers to identify good companies within your budget.

Clear a Path

As we mentioned above, you must have a clear path from their parking location to the window, both inside and outside. Remember that the window installers have to carry in their tools and the new window, and that can take up some space. Move any small things and make a lot of room in the hallways so that carrying the window is a lot easier.

Disarm Any Alarms

A lot of home security systems include an alarm on your window, which can be an issue if it’s active when the installers remove the window. The alarm will go off unless you turn it off and disconnect it from the window before the installers start working.

Workspace for Installers

While the installers will need space around the window to replace them, they may also need more space elsewhere. Installing a window isn’t easy, and they may need extra space to set down their equipment and move things. Try to clear out a space nearby where they can work and set up a workspace to make the whole job a bit easier. You’ll want to clear this space like you did with the window.

Section off the Area

You should do your best to separate this area from the rest of your home. You should close any other doors or entryways to prevent the spread of dust and wind throughout your home.

Prevent Access to Pets and Children

Window replacement is safe for experts who know what they’re doing, but it can be very dangerous for children or pets. Moving large and heavy windows can result in accidents, and this is potentially disastrous for children. Additionally, power tools are cool, but they can cause a lot of injuries. So keep your kids and pets far away from the installers while they’re working.

Stay Clear of the Area

While you should prevent access to pets and kids, you should also avoid the area. Installers are professionals at their job, and they need the space to work properly. Staying away from the area while they work can increase their safety and yours.

The Final Walk-Through

Once the installation is over, the installers should do their best to clean up the area and take away their tools and trash. However, you’ll likely notice some mess, so be ready to dust and vacuum. Before they go, do a walk-through of your project and search for any mistakes to ensure a quality job. This way, you don’t have to call them back to fix an issue.

Window installation is a serious project, and you’ll want to ensure that your place is ready for it. Good preparation is how you get quality work while improving the experience for you and the installers. That’s why you should know how to prepare your home for window installation.

How To Prepare Your Home for Window Installation