After replacing your doors, it’s time to learn how to weatherproof exterior French doors. Even with breathtaking views, we don’t realize that the chance of a draft entering our home increases with double doors. No matter what season we’re in, as a Floridian, it’s essential to know how to weatherproof exterior French doors so that no drafts can enter.

How To Weatherproof Patio French Doors

It’s common for outside French doors to have areas that allow air leakage to occur. As the weather gets chillier, we need to find a solution before it’s too late. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on weatherproofing your external French doors.

Adjust the Doors

The first step to protecting the home’s interior is to check your doors to ensure they’re aligned correctly. If the doors don’t line up perfectly, you need to take this moment to check if the door sags or pulls away from its hinges. When this occurs, you need to adjust the door, or else the weatherproofing won’t work.

Install the Weatherstripping

The next step is to change any old weatherstripping with new lining. First, go ahead and place the strips around the door frame. Align the entire door frame and ensure you cut the weatherstrips to size so they don’t snag and get ripped off by accident.

Fill In the Door Gap and Windowpanes

Once you finish stripping the outline, focus on other areas, such as the door’s threshold and the windowpanes. Many double doors have openings that allow more airflow than necessary, especially during winter. As your windows get sealed, there’s a chance you might run into air pockets. If you experience air pockets or holes, you can quickly fill them with caulk to block the air from entering.

Place in a Door Sweep

A door sweep adds extra protection. You can install it onto the bottom of a door and its threshold to keep cold air out and save you a ton of energy costs. Also, it can protect against moisture buildup, insects, and dust. However, when you place the door swap on, ensure it goes on each door; unless one door’s decorative and doesn’t open, it should go on each door.

Why Weatherproofing Exterior French Doors Works

Since French doors do little to protect the home’s interior from outdoor elements, you must weatherproof them to help prevent elements such as rain, flooding, and snow, from getting into the home. Installing weatherproofing can help save you time and energy to keep water from intruding onto your floors.

When you want to improve on your home, you need to think about your doors. Consider replacing the doors with weatherproof French patio doors for your outdoor space, as it’s a more convenient way to keep drafts and awful weather conditions outside. Florida Window and Doors Solutions provides the best choices of functional and durable weatherproof exterior French doors. Contact us now to discover more about our replacement French doors.