Curb appeal is a necessity—it’s a measure of how well you take care of the property. However, that’s not the only thing that matters to buyers. What matters most is the finer details, such as the entry’s style, color, and material. A yard can have it all, but a newer front door is how your home’s value increases.

The Door’s Paint Color

Some homebuyers deny this, but the door’s paint color matters—it also matters if the paint is chipping or unsealed cracks. Today, we’re concerned about your paint color choice.

Compared to the other modifications, changing the paint color delivers a stellar increase in resale value. For example, yellow is a fun color with many ways to add pizzazz to a property. So, if you have a steel, yellow door, you could see an increase in resale value by around 91%.

An Appealing Entryway Style

Color’s essential, but no one will want to come to visit if it’s not easy on the eyes. In Florida, homeowners adore the arched doorway as they add dimension. Arched doorways are valuable and pair well with nearly any style, mainly traditional or contemporary entries.

A Floridian knows their doors best, and picking the right style matters most, even if you don’t think so now. Central Floridians, mostly in Orlando, also see that door styles matter, especially when they’re looking to swap out old entrances for new, more exciting exterior doors in Orlando.

An Updated Door Attracts More Buyers

A smart buyer is a happy one—they provide more than what most homebuyers are looking for on the market. Homeowners know that updating their current entryways offers better outcomes for resale value.

Many homes in the area won’t be able to brag about having a new door on their home—but you can! Replacing an outside door’s meaningful, especially if you’re looking to revamp small areas before putting the house on the market.

The Quality and Material Choice

The best quality is found in the material you choose for your door. Being in central Florida means needing to meet building codes before placing anything in, including doors. Since Orlando’s affected by hurricanes, you’re going to want to focus on materials that protect the interior while also cutting down on energy costs.

The two best door material choices are aluminum and steel—they don’t corrode and protect the inside well. Keep your home protected with a new door, and increase your home’s value more with a new front door.

It’s crucial to upgrade different parts of your house. You could never go wrong with a door replacement. Our team at Florida Window and Door Solutions offers central Florida residents replacement door and window services with incredible customization choices. Find out more about our exterior door replacement services by contacting us today. We can’t wait to talk and discuss your best options!