In Florida, many towns and cities require stormproof windows and doors to combat high winds going more than 170 mph. However, what exactly goes into the manufacturing process that makes these doors and windows withstand such strong weather currents? We explain all of that and more below.

The Production of Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Storm doors and windows go through specific processes to help them meet state regulations and maintain enough strength to harbor against a storm. A lot goes into making these two items to secure a home from hurricanes.

Moreover, you can expect these items to have UV protection, tinted glass, and enhanced noise reduction and privacy. Here’s a detailed overview of how manufacturers make hurricane impact doors and windows.

Hurricane Doors

The glass on impact patio doors in Florida has the same layers applied as the glass of standard storm windows. A homeowner has the chance to thicken their doors and windows, even when closer to a hurricane hotspot.

PVB and EVA go onto the glass as an added layer that hardens the structure and prevents cracks, leaks, and air from flowing into the house. The other layering options include liquid glass resins, or a mix of glass and plastic. Both are cheaper and flexible, but these materials don’t fare well in high temperatures.

The frame is another essential item. Without it, the door won’t function well. There are many materials to pick from, but the best ones homeowners use for hurricane doors are aluminum and steel, since they’re the most durable.

Hurricane Windows

A window needs specific items to help it become useful. Some of the things you’ll need are UV protection, which is created by placing tint onto the glass. Hurricane windows go through a similar process which doesn’t require the same framework.

The tint protects from harmful sunrays and damage to the interior, creating plenty of security for your home.

The Law on Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Many parts of Florida require solid doors and windows to prevent storm damage. However, you may not need to have a high strength rate depending on the region.

Florida law mandates homeowners to install impact doors and windows to prevent onslaught from hurricanes and other storms that cause severe damage.

How Hurricane Windows and Doors Prevent Damage

Hurricane windows and doors do a lot to secure the interior. The protective barrier around the glass ensures that no shattered glass or debris can fly in from the outside. Because of the protective layer on the glass and door, the glass in hurricane windows and doors has a way of staying intact when facing storms.

Hurricane windows and doors create better security for a home. Now that you know more about how impact windows and doors are made, you should consider replacing your old windows if you haven’t already.

Storm windows and doors are essential to have to prevent impact. By having your old windows and doors replaced, you can enhance your home’s security. Contact Florida Window and Door Solutions today for more information on our door and window replacement services.