That front door of yours has the potential to become something more. Instead of blocking out the elements and saving money on energy costs, it could encapsulate a style that’s personal to you while keeping the interior safe from damage.

Replacing your door is the moment to do something different and transition from something old to something new and exciting. Find out what you’re missing with modern entry door conveniences you didn’t know about.

Replacing Your Door: Pre-Hung Doors

Pre-hung doors are pre-cut for hardware and ready to go from the manufacturer.  You should only use a pre-hung door if your door frames are old and cracked or you’re enlarging the entrance. A pre-hung door requires a different kit only if it needs weather stripping installed.

Say that you want to use the pre-hung door method. You’ll first need to find out if you need a left or right-hand door handle. Stand in your doorway and mimic how you open the door to figure this out. If you have the locks on either side, that shows where you’d need to place the new one.

The Color Choices Are Endless

Often, a good front door sets up an excellent first impression of the home. And one thing about modern doors you may not realize is that you can paint them any number of colors to create different impressions. Each color brings the entire home style and architecture together while adding a pop of color and turning heads.

Complementary Colors

There are countless unique colors on the color wheel, and there are different shades of each color. In other words, a shade of off-white is not the same as eggshell white, just as jet black isn’t the same as ebony.

When learning about the color wheel, keep in mind that there are different classes of colors, such as analogous, complementary, and neutral colors.

Complementary colors are often bold. These colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel; their shades won’t be the same. In other words, these shades help determine what color palette works with the home.

Analogous Shades

Analogous shades are shades of color that are similar. Think of colors like blue and purple—they’re both similar to an extent. You typically find these colors sitting side by side on the color chart.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are self-explanatory; they’re the colors found on the siding or the walls of an interior. Colors like grey and beige are neutral, and there are shades of black and white that are also light-colored.

Picking the Best Materials

The best material is what you’re comfortable with. Since you’re in Florida, you should pick either wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or a steel entry. These choices have advantages and disadvantages, so these help with determining what works for you.


Aluminum’s a great choice because it doesn’t rust. You won’t need to worry about changing this door out because it lasts a long time. However, it does cost a lot to install. On the other hand, these doors are customizable to fit your specifications.


Another fine choice is fiberglass. It’s environmentally friendly and more affordable than other materials on this list. The one problem with this door is that it won’t work well if not appropriately attached. So, ensure the entryway lines up and that the hinges are correctly connected.


Steel’s an excellent choice for those living in central Florida because of its durability and strength. Depending on your area, it could cost a lot, which is a downside. However, it does add plenty of security, as the materials are difficult to break down, and you don’t need to worry about corrosion. Also, an auto repair kit can buff out any damages.


Wood is fun and versatile—it adds timeless elegance while keeping out the elements. However, it’s not the best decision since it does warp if not maintained. You’ll find that the material lasts longer if you occasionally apply a stain or finish.

Features That Make a House Feel Luxurious

You don’t consider other features often because you’re only concerned about security. That’s good to think about, but if you would like to add more value, these are some features you’ll enjoy having while showing your door off to others after placing the home on the market.

Oversized Door Handles

You might judge a book by its cover, but have you ever judged a door by its handle? If not, you’re probably going to start now. Many homeowners have made using oversized door handles on entryways a huge trend.

This stylistic choice is jaw-dropping and makes every journey home feel like a red carpet moment. Using bigger handles won’t look great on interior doors, but it will look incredible on an exterior custom entry door. Before you pick a handle, try sampling knobs at a nearby hardware store to find the best choice.

Adding Geometry

There’s something about geometric shapes that adds style and plenty of unique spins on conceptual designs. Incorporate these shapes into stained glass windows, garden trellises, and paint designs for one-of-a-kind decorations.

Windows Draw Attention and Sunshine

Not only do windows open the world to the inside of your home, but they are one of the many focal points that create a better first impression of your home. If you use long single-paned windows on the sides of your door, ensure to add drapes to make the door appear softer. These soft details work well with materials like brick, iron, and concrete.

Modernity With Steel Frames

Nothing says elegant like steel frames. A black steel frame adds a timeless look to an aging home. When you use steel frames for the windows and doors, you add a touch of color along the edges to draw attention.

Double Doors for Days

You can’t go wrong with double doors, also called French doors. French doors are a quick turnaround in style and protection. The doors no longer feel like an ordinary entryway; they feel more welcoming and elegant.

Get a Replacement Door

Don’t delay your replacement door. Your home won’t look as good without some of these unheard-of elements. These small customization ideas are the start of something new and different.

Whether you want to increase the home’s value or not, having a brand new door sets new sights on what other modifications to consider for your abode. Keep these ideas in mind when considering what you’d want in your future door replacement.

Changing your entryway is an excellent renovation project that can open up a home and make much more welcoming to guests. Bring your reality to life with the entryway replacement services from Florida Window and Door Solutions. There’s so much to uncover, so contact us for more information and to get a quote on your future projects.

Modern Entry Door Features You Didn’t Know About