Sliding doors can make great additions to your home that give you a better view of your yard, allow in more natural light, and provide easy access to your outdoor space. Despite their benefits, though, you may still be hesitant to get sliding doors because of certain negative misconceptions you may believe about them. We address myths about sliding doors you shouldn’t believe to give you a more accurate picture of them.

They’re Difficult To Move

Some people are worried that sliding doors are difficult to move because of the potentially large size and heavy weight of their panels. This is a legitimate concern for older sliding doors, which rest on the bottom part of the frame. However, newer designs have the doors hang from the top. Moreover, they include special roller pieces that make sliding the panels as smooth as possible. These design features ensure you won’t be pushing up against jammed doors frequently. You just need to remember to clean your sliding doors to keep them functioning well over time.

Water Leaks Through Them

Due to the nature of their design, sliding doors may seem prone to leakage when rain comes. But the door designers take this concern into account and cover for this potential weakness. Manufacturers will test sliding doors to attain a certain threshold of water and wind resistance; some can even withstand stormy conditions with ease. This is possible because sliding doors have edges that seal tightly when they’re shut closed, blocking out the elements when needed.

They’re Not Good-Looking

An aesthetic myth about sliding doors you shouldn’t believe is that they’re always clunky and disagreeable in appearance. However, just as sliding door companies have taken their functionality into account, they have also paid attention to their looks. Modern sliding doors have smooth, sleek glass and thin, yet strong frames that blend well with the rest of a home. Installation companies may also offer custom options for you. With multiple configurations, colors, and finishes available, you can obtain a design that suits your tastes perfectly.

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