You may be living for the next window style, but you’re likely also looking forward to some of the fantastic benefits that come with customizing windows. If you want an honest opinion on the best type to go with, read up on our favorite window styles to light the home.

Bay Windows

Have you envisioned yourself sitting near a window each morning, admiring the view while sipping coffee or tea? So have we. The bay window is an excellent choice because of its appealing appearance and timeless style.

The design of the bay window features a wide pane that allows more light to pour into your living room. With long glass panes, though, you need to be more attentive to cleaning, as some parts might be harder to see.

Casement Windows

The casement’s a classic window that typically contains one piece of glass and can conveniently swing out to draw in fresh air from outside. When you buy casements in pairs, you can bring the most natural light throughout a room.

However, the window’s ability to swing out can be a safety issue. You could be at risk for break-ins with a casement window, so install a lock on the window to prevent easy access.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a classic, timeless type that looks elegant on any home, no matter the number of stories or square footage. Another one of our favorite window styles to light the house, the double-hung window comes with many advantages.

If you want control over how much lighting a room gets, a window with two sashes makes the most sense. Since both pieces of glass open, these windows are easier to clean and maintain.

The only drawback of double-hung windows is that they don’t seal very well. So if you do go with this window type, remember to seal it off again with weatherstripping so no cold air gets through cracks.

Glider Windows

Whether it’s in the bathroom or basement, a glider window is perfect for giving the most amount of light to smaller areas.

The great thing about glider windows is that they slide open and close seamlessly. They also work well if you need additional privacy.

However, they also have drawbacks, one of which is that the outside is more challenging to clean. So look for a glider window that tilts; that way, it’s easier to clean.

When you buy custom windows in Orlando, you purchase style and the convenience of allowing more natural light to pour into your home, even in tight spaces.

So as you prepare and finalize your custom windows purchase, make sure to contact a reliable window replacement company to help put in your new windows. Contact us here for more information on our outstanding window and door replacement services and financing information.