Floridians don’t get impact doors for many reasons. Some aren’t aware their homes are at severe risk of suffering from damage that, if not covered by insurance, might stay in repair limbo for years due to constant storms. Here’s a list of reasons you need impact doors in Florida.

They Give You Added Security

Storm doors can save you from unwanted debris entering your home. For example, unwanted debris such as dust and dirt can cause problems if it’s not removed right away. When the debris enters your home, it can bring in unwanted visitors such as rats and bugs. Prevent this from happening with a storm window.

One more benefit to point out is that storm doors and windows are shatter-proof. In other words, if you’re away from home for a while, trespassers and thieves won’t be able to break through the door or windows.

Impact Doors Are Cost-Effective

Despite the benefits of regular doors, the interior of your home can be worn over time if you don’t have a storm door. Infrastructure issues will become the norm and require you to make continuous repairs. Invest in a storm door to ensure your interior is protected. By investing in one, you can prevent the outside elements from coming in and wearing down your door. However, instead of replacing an average door with another, you can save more by replacing it with an impact door that can save you plenty of energy costs and protect you from intruders and harmful debris.

A storm door can even contain cool air. Your electricity bill will be drastically lower when an impact door is used instead of a standard door.

Impact Doors Do More Than Protect You from Storms

Storm doors can do much more than protect you from storms. They provide better air circulation and help prevent bugs from crawling into your home. (Insects such as bees, mosquitos, and others wreak havoc on properties with weak doors.) Impact patio doors in Florida also give you the option for better security features such as better locks and break-resistant windows.

Having an impact door in Florida is a great asset, especially if you are only there on vacation. Contact Florida Window and Doors Solutions for a list of optional door choices for your replacement needs. We’ll take down every standard door and replace them all with impact doors that happen to help more than protect you from storms. After reviewing our list of reasons you need impact doors in Florida, you’ll be ready to replace your regular doors with the secured safety from storms and unwanted intruders with Florida Window and Door Solutions.