Every homeowner has a specific style, and many have a favorite entryway material and design. The French door is an excellent choice for many homes since it fits every home style. If you’re looking for a replacement French door, there’s likely a style you’re after; here’s what you should know about before customizing.

Single-Jointed French Entrance

The single-jointed French door is the best entry for rooms with limited space. The door has a swing-in or -out function at the hinge. Depending on the purpose of every room, you may want something that opens either way. For example, if you use this style of door for a closet, you’ll want the door to swing out rather than in to avoid the door slamming into shelves or hangers.

Like the other French door styles, single-hinged doors are customizable with different materials, paint colors, and security features. Rooms such as kitchens and bedrooms almost always use a single-hinge door.

Double-Jointed French Door

Sometimes a single-hinged door won’t suffice. So you’ll need to strategize how much space you currently have before deciding on a double-hinged French door, which requires a wider entrance.

Like the single-jointed version, this door opens and closes in an inward and outward motion, but because there are two of them, double-jointed French doors make the room appear bigger, allowing more light to pour in and expanding the visual area. These doors have other customization add-ons, such as blind-inserted panes and grilles.

Gliding French Entry

In Florida, you’ll need a sliding door—it’s a must-have for every modern Florida home. Every patio, regardless of size, needs sliding doors that open the space up more, allowing for better foot traffic.

This door is versatile in all its customizations. One feature add-on includes installing a pocket. The pocket allows you to push the door into the wall, making it disappear. The pocket installation is also popular with the telescopic sliding hatch (discussed below) since the entries pile onto each other and toward the wall.

Telescopic Sliding Hatch

The telescopic sliding hatch is a glider type with a folding door mechanism. More than one panel folds in instead of only one wall panel. The telescopic is excellent for those striving to flaunt the house’s best features and views.

You can’t go wrong with boasting about views, but weatherproofing is one thing you need to enhance the door. Weatherproof French patio doors secure the home by protecting the interior and lowering energy costs. The French door is the best replacement to invest in, especially with these style tips to use later in the customization process.

Doors come in many styles, but the only one who decides what design works for them is you, a fellow homeowner. Come to Florida Window and Door Solutions for insight into our door replacement services. We’re delighted to help you in every way, so contact us today!