Sliding glass doors are great additions to any home. If your home already has them, then you know how much natural light and ambiance they can add to your living space. They provide an opening to the outdoors or even the feeling of an indoor oasis surrounded by light and nature. However, like any other part of the house, they may need to be replaced after some time and frequent use. Check out this guide to the signs it’s time to replace your sliding glass doors.

They no longer open and shut smoothly

When your sliding glass doors don’t open or close as smoothly as you’d want, it may be time to replace them. They lose their ease of movement over time, and when they do, it’s time for an upgrade. Investing in a new set of doors means a smoother open and shut. This makes using your doors much easier and more hassle-free.

They don’t keep out the weather anymore

Sliding glass doors that let in the heat or cold are no longer doing their job and must be replaced. When you replace your old doors with new ones, you’ll notice a difference in your home’s temperature—and in your home’s heating and cooling bills. New doors can improve your home’s efficiency and even lower your bills, since they’ll keep the weather outside and your air conditioning or heat inside.

They don’t lock properly

Sliding glass doors that don’t properly lock or stay locked pose a large security risk to your household. Doors without locks can invite unwanted guests. New sliding glass doors will give you peace of mind knowing your home is secure. For a layer of extra security, get doors with impact glass that’s intruder- and storm-resistant.

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