Your patio door makes it convenient for you to get outside into your backyard and also provides you with a nice view of the outdoors. Sometimes, though, time and wear can damage them to a point where they no longer serve their roles well. So, keep an eye out for these signs you need to replace your patio door.

Gaps Around the Door’s Edges

Harsher weather conditions may deform the door ever so slightly over time until, eventually, visible gaps appear between it and its frame. It’s also possible that your previous installers did not put in the door correctly, causing it to stand misaligned. Whatever the reason, gaps compromise your patio door’s ability to keep out water, wind, and temperature changes. They also contribute to an unkempt appearance in your home. You’ll need to obtain a new, undamaged patio door to resolve this issue.

Drafts and Leaks

Not all openings in your patio door may be immediately noticeable. However, if you feel drafts or notice that your HVAC system doesn’t work well in the room with the patio door, this may indicate that it isn’t properly sealing off your interior from the outside. Lots of moisture and the formation of puddles right near the door can also signal that there are unseen holes in the door’s defenses. Since these drafts and leaks may come from cracks or a warped door shape, you should take them as strong signs that you need to replace your patio door.

Old or Damaged Appearance

Your reasoning behind getting a new door can also have a basis in visual elements as well. Perhaps your current patio door is considerably old and thus features an unattractive, outdated style. To ensure that this aspect of your home fits well with the other architectural details and your décor, you may want to update the patio door. Additionally, your current patio door may have damages that make it appear grimy—despite your best cleaning efforts—and generally disagreeable. These may include large or deep stains, chips, and scratches. If repair is not possible or presents more trouble than it’s worth, you could exchange your patio door for a pristine one.

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