When choosing a window, you want the right frame to secure the most benefits possible. There are many reasons to pick either a single or double-hung window for your home. Depending on how many floors your home has, one type of window might give you more benefits than the other. Here are the benefits of both single and double-hung windows.

How Do Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows Vary?

Both windows have fairly significant differences, so when picking the right window frame type, it’s vital that you know the differences between both. Here’s a very brief breakdown of the main differences between the two window types.

Single-hung windows are standard and found in many homes. Single frames have two sashes. The lower sash opens vertically, meeting the strap on the top of the window, known as the upper sash, while the upper sash remains unmoving.

Double-hung windows are a more modern version of residential and commercial windows. These windows also have two sashes, but they both can move up and down. In perspective, this allows both top and bottom to open. The sashes on the double-hung windows give more access to exterior surfaces.

The Benefits of Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows come with many benefits, such as added security. The locking system won’t fail or break easily, with the bottom sash being the only movable portion. With only one lock, you won’t forget to lock your windows before leaving for the day or going on vacation.

They also save on energy costs. The sashes are quite durable, so you won’t have to worry about them failing or costing you money as your windows age. You may not have ample opportunity to have proper air infiltration, but you will have the opportunity for savings and better window technology with updating windows. Single-hung windows also come in various styles, ranging from a curved top edge to a gothic-arched windowpane with sharper corners.

The Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Though double-hung windows are more expensive, they offer other benefits you can enjoy. One of the benefits of double-hung panes is that they are easier to clean. When both parts of the windows can open, it makes cleaning quicker and less demanding, especially if you have double-hung windows on multiple floors of your home. Another benefit is that they allow for proper airflow and work better when installing an AC unit in your window. Double-hung windows are also available in multiple styles. An installation of this type is worth the cost of a double windowpane. The styles range from vinyl-clad to architectural grade material.

You can make the right choice by selecting a window style and type that’s the best fit for you through Florida Window and Doors Solution. For your next window replacement in Orlando, Florida Window and Door Solutions guide you through the process of finding the right window style. When selecting a window type and style, go with one that fits your style, and enjoy the benefits of single or double-hung windows.