Smart Ways To Conserve Energy in Your Florida Home

Saving energy in your home is admirable and has long-lasting, positive results. When you cut down on your electricity and gas consumption, you can save substantial amounts of money because your utility bills diminish. Additionally, using less energy decreases the harmful impact you have on the environment. This is because the byproducts of generating electricity for homes pollute the air, water, and ground. Apply these smart ways to conserve energy in your Florida home to make some positive changes.

Utilize LED Lightbulbs

Incandescent lightbulbs were once the standard in lighting. They still persist in many households today. While they work fine for their purpose, you can greatly improve energy efficiency by replacing your incandescent lights with LEDs. LEDs give off bright light while using up only a fraction of the electricity needed by incandescent bulbs. Simultaneously, LEDs last longer than incandescent lights. So, you lower your waste because you don’t need to throw away and replace your lightbulbs as often.

Obtain a Demand-Type Water Heater

Normal water heaters have tanks that hold water; this water is supplied to the home. The issue with this design is that it results in passive energy consumption since the heaters are active even when you aren’t actually using hot water. In contrast, demand-type water heaters (also known as tankless water heaters) lack tanks and don’t contribute to unnecessary energy expenditure. Instead, they only have a pipe that water travels through. Whenever you turn on the hot setting with a faucet or other fixture, the demand-type water heater warms up water as it passes through its pipe using electricity or gas. Thus, it doesn’t need to maintain the warmth of a water tank constantly; it only activates when needed.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows can be a major source of wasted energy in your home. Even when closed, they transfer heat between inside and outside. If you’re heating your home when it’s cold, the warm air can escape out through the windows. Likewise, if you’re cooling your home when it’s hot outside, that warm air can seep in and drive your home’s temperature back up. Consequently, your HVAC system must work harder to compensate. A smart way to conserve energy in your Florida home is to install energy-efficient windows so you can solve this dilemma. These windows have designs that form tight seals when shut, preventing air from passing through. They also have hybrid laminated glass that’s multilayered and good for insulating you home. If you want, you can tint your energy-efficient windows to further decrease the warming effects of the sun as well. All these characteristics allow them to help you save on your HVAC costs.

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