Windows are the eyes of your home, but there’s something else we want to talk about today—and don’t worry, it’s a fun one. As you replace your old windows with new ones, you might find that there’s not a lot you know about windows. To help make the replacement process more fun, and to use as a conversation starter with your contractor, here’s a list of ten facts about window glass you didn’t know.

Glass Is Made From Sand

Not everyone knows this, but glass is made from sand. The really fascinating thing about glass is that it comes from sand that’s exposed to high temperatures. However, not all sand can become glass—only silica sand can.

During the glass-making process, silica sand is baked at around 3092 degrees inside a heating device, such as a kiln. That’s much heat for one element to withstand!

Although the sand needs exceptionally high temperatures to form into a new element, it goes back to its original form if you cool the sand down.

Glass Has Been Around a Long Time

Many cultures have used glass dating back to at least 3600 BCE. Archaeologists have found that the first use of glass was in either Ancient Egypt, Syria, or Mesopotamia.

Even though there’s not an official stamp of knowledge, you can assume that glass was available for many uses, primarily for jewelry making.

We’re not saying your prized jewelry is made from ancient glass, but that the metal chains you see in museums across the world are glass relics made by proud artisans.

Cracks on Glass Travel Fast

When the glass in windows develops a crack, that blow travels more than 3,000 miles. The reason these cracks happen so fast is due to the spouts of air that hit against the glass, causing a spiderweb-like appearance and then shattering it.

Natural Events Can Create Glass

There are other ways to create glass, one of which is by magma or lightning. Nature has many wonderful yet unique ways to make things that are useful for your home. Natural events are among the many reasons nature is so beautiful, and it’s incredible how quickly these events can alter various materials.

Glass Is Recyclable

Although glass takes decades to break down, recycling the material is possible. There are more glass products and crafts because of the recycled glass many manufacturers get from other companies and home renovators.

Even when products are made from recycled glass, many other countries choose to use glass more often to create different common essentials, such as wind chimes, lamps, flower pots, and tiles.

Glass Windows Were Invented in the 17th Century

Way before the 17th century, people had to use different materials as windows to protect their interior. Some people relied on curtains, and others used shaved sheets from animal horns. Only the wealthy or church workers could afford the technology to install glass windows in their homes.

Even churches had to get creative when they installed windows. If you’ve ever examined stained glass on older churches, you might have noticed the different colors, as well as how green the outside appears. The cause for the greenish tint comes from the glaze, which was exceptionally rare and only used in chapels and inside the homes of royalty.

Once the 17th century came around, glass windows became more affordable and were commonly installed during home construction. Many homebuilders noticed how much safer the inside felt when there was glass on the window, especially when they needed to prevent intruders from sneaking into their homes.

Colored Glass Comes From Minerals

Colored glass is fun to experiment with, and you might’ve noticed how colorful stained glass is and wanted something of your own with such vibrant colors. Manufacturers use metal oxides, sulfides, and other minerals to achieve the colors found in stained glass.

When using oxidation or electric ions, manufacturers can get colors that many find difficult to come by. Here’s what oxides were used to create the most popular glass colors:

  • Turquoise is caused by cupric oxide
  • Purple is created through manganese dioxide
  • Cadmium sulfide makes red

Glass Technology Exists

Glass is a heavy influence on the technology industry; with many ways to customize glass, there’s never a shortage of needing glass for products, such as glass for a camera lens or a telescope. The laser printer has a glass sheet that helps capture images without looking too bright or blurry. Many other pieces of technology utilizes glass, including laser diodes, copy machines, and microscopes.

Glass Is Neither a Solid nor Liquid

Physics has various unsolved problems, and the one that stumps scientists the most is the question of whether glass is solid or liquid. This concept confuses many, but that’s what makes it intriguing and mind-boggling—mainly because scientists consider glass an amorphous solid, which means it’s neither a solid nor a liquid. In other words, you could consider an amorphous solid to mean a liquid-solid hybrid—which is strange, but highly interesting.

Florida Building Codes Require Hurricane Windows

Every Florida homeowner is required to have hurricane impact windows to maintain the interior of their home and enhance their home’s security. The reason behind this storm window mandate is that hurricane windows are constructed from two sheets of tempered glass that are difficult to break and strong enough to withstand storms.

Storms like hurricanes can damage a house, so when constructing a new home or looking to upgrade, switch the older panes out with a customized window replacement in Orlando. Your new windows can help you guarantee the safety of your home.

As you look to make the needed improvements to your home, don’t forget to upgrade your windows. It’s a good idea to find a replacement window set that works with your budget, fits your vision, and satisfies all your personal customization needs.

Hopefully, these fun facts about window glass have helped improve your knowledge and given you an idea of what to look for in your next set of glass windows. Give your home the things it needs to ensure your interior stays safe from storms and that your windows can withstand hurricanes.

Whether it’s time to improve curb appeal or meet the Florida building codes, Florida Window and Door Solutions will ensure that your replacements are correctly installed. Contact us for more information on financing your next window replacement and start a conversation about fun window facts. We can’t wait to serve you!

10 Facts About Window Glass You Didn’t Know