There are many ways to improve your external doors, but few are as effective as adding a screen door. These secondary doors can help enhance your home in various ways, both practical and aesthetic. That’s why these doors are some of the most popular add-ons you can get for your house when you’re considering your front door. Here’s a look at the advantages of adding a screen door to your home.

Promote Airflow

Screen doors use a thin mesh in their frame to create a screen that accesses the outside even when you don’t open the screen door. This means you can open your inner, solid door while leaving the front door closed, which lets air flow in and out of the house through the screen. This is perfect for those warmer days when you want to cool down. Getting one door for at least two external doors means you can open both and really help air flow through your home.

Letting In Natural Light

Because of the open nature that comes with these doors, you can open the front door to let in the natural light that filters through the screen. This is great for any room, as natural light can make a place look and feel amazing. This is a great way to increase the natural lighting in your external-facing rooms without needing to create a new window in your walls.

Window to Outside

One of the most incredible benefits of installing these screen doors in your home is that you now have a window to the outside that you didn’t have before. You can set up a sitting area around the screen door to easily look outside your home while staying comfortable inside. This is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the weather or watch their children while remaining comfortable.

Opening Up the Space

Many homes struggle to seem open as the walls can cut the place short and make it seem much smaller than you’d like. These screen doors can help alleviate this by letting you open your doors to the outside while still being indoors. This will open up the space and make your room more appealing to you and your guests. This is similar to the natural lighting that screen doors bring in, as it really makes the space look good.

Increasing the “Welcome Home” Feeling

Most people don’t consider the coziness of their home when making changes to their house design, but that’s a mistake. You want to live in a place where you feel welcome and safe. While it may not work for everyone, a screen door could be exactly what you need to make your house feel like a home to you. The openness of the space, extra light, and combination of nature and the indoors can make your place welcoming to you and your loved ones.

Protecting From Bugs

Another reason you should consider a screen door for your home is that it’ll help protect your entire house from bugs. While these little critters can get into your home from any crack, the brief moments when you open the door can become a highway for them. That’s why a screen door can be so helpful, as you let in all the good things from outside while keeping out the pests and insects that want to come into your home through an open doorway.

Stopping Light Debris

Debris is another big problem for anyone who opens their door, but a screen door can help alleviate this issue. Debris can fly into your home when you open your door, as the wind blows in small things like leaves and dirt. This can become a big hassle, and is why many people don’t like to leave their doors open as you need to deal with all these small items. The screen door can catch and keep these items out of your house, preventing ongoing debris-related problems.

Better Cleanliness

Not only will the screen door help keep debris out of your house, but it’ll also help with dust and dirt finding its way into your home. This is an excellent benefit as people will spend a lot of time cleaning in the summer months because of all the dirt from open doors. This way, you can enjoy the weather while keeping your home clean and saving time.

Keeping Animals Inside

Just as these doors can keep things outside, they can also keep some things inside. Screen doors are an extra barrier in your house that animals will struggle to get past without your help. This can be the difference between your dog running out of the house because of an open door or you catching it by the collar. While you shouldn’t rely on these doors for the extra animal corralling, you can see it as a small obstacle that can help keep your animals safe in your home.

Improving Home Security

There are many ways you can try to improve your home security, but it’s not always easy to do successfully. This is why it may seem odd that a screen door can improve it, but it can help deter criminals who want to break in. It’s more difficult to access a home with a screen door when you’re in a rush, and the screen itself can protect your door, which makes it harder to break in.

Increasing Door Longevity

One of the most significant benefits of using a screen door is the protection it offers to your doors. While your external doors can take a beating, storms and flying debris can make a massive impact on these doors over time. This damage will wear down your door and can cause it to break down without proper care. However, a screen door helps protect your door and extends its lifetime, which is very important for people who invest in more expensive door options, like fiberglass French patio doors.

This is why screen doors are so popular as an additional addon for your home and can make a huge difference over time. All it takes is a good screen door to enjoy the warmer weather and get more protection for your home.