Hundreds of door designs can fit your home, with different styles and features that impact their usefulness. Finding a way to narrow your choices and pick from a few good options can really help. A great method for this is choosing from ENERGY STAR compliant doors, as they come with many benefits we’ll look at here.

What Does ENERGY STAR Compliant Mean?

The first thing to know is what ENERGY STAR compliance means and why it’s so important for doors. Every door, window, and skylight can partner with ENERGY STAR, using a strict testing and verification process to certify if the product follows the energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. So, it’s a promise of quality goods verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council and ENERGY STAR.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Many people order a custom door replacement from ENERGY STAR partners because it boosts a home’s energy efficiency. Installing these doors should lower your energy consumption throughout the house, and the change should have a positive environmental impact.

Better Home Insulation

These doors leak significantly less warmth and cold air from your house, making it easier to control the temperature inside your home. This is part of why they save energy, as heating and cooling efficiency increases when your home is well insulated.

Saves You Money

The increase in energy efficiency and insulation means you don’t spend as much money over time. So, these doors slowly save you money as the months go by, and you don’t overpay for heating and energy bills. That’s the main benefit of using an ENERGY STAR compliant door.

When you want to replace your door with a quality option that’ll look good and save you money, there’s no better option than an ENERGY STAR compliant door. The benefits it’ll bring to your home and the environment are worth it in the long run.